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Company: UNOX
Entry Submitted By: ValueSelling Associates, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Company Description: ValueSelling Associates equips B2B sales professionals to compete on value, not price, using a time-tested methodology with proven results. Our expert Associates create custom sales improvement training delivered globally in over 12 languages. With ValueSelling sales professionals get the tools, skills and processes to effectively qualify, advance and close more sales with higher margins.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Process of the Year

Nomination Title: How UNOX Reinvents the Sales Process

Tell the story about your organization's sales process implementation since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Bringing Inventive Simplification into Professional Kitchens

What started over 25 years ago in Italy with tiny ovens perfect for baking pastries, has blossomed into a global manufacturing business. UNOX designs and manufactures state-of-the-art professional ovens and accessories that fully leverage technology into the finest kitchens in the world.

How has UNOX transformed itself into a €100 business? Family-run passion and management excellence. Fanatical attention to detail. Commitment to excellence. Dedication to its mission: “The taste of building success, for our customers, partners and people.”

The owner’s passion for streamlining and reducing impact is reflected throughout the company culture: clean white vans, smart uniforms, exceptional customer service, pristine manufacturing facility.

UNOX defines excellence in just two words: inventive simplification. The company abides by the principles of “lean manufacturing”: light, synchronized and perfectly timed production flows, where technology is not an end in itself, but a way to ensure simplification and meeting of the mission.

The UNOX combi-steamer oven can cook 10 to 15 dishes at the same time. The LCD touch screen control panel helps chefs and bakers take kitchen logistics to another level. Exemplifying Italian design brilliance, the UNOX oven enables chefs to plan recipes in advance, better utilize the oven while in use and program cooking through any device connected to the internet.

Using Lean Processes to Grow Sales

UNOX has grown quickly at the expense of small manufacturers and is eating into the market share of the main competitor, a proverbial giant. To compete more effectively, UNOX has implemented lean processes throughout its manufacturing facility for vertical integration, making every part of the oven themselves.

These same lean manufacturing principles are reflected in the sales process. UNOX has systemized the selling process, taking the traditional chef role and transforming it into a high-touch, high-impact sales person.

While the competition invites end users (chefs and restaurant owners) to their corporate premises for an elaborate master chef demonstration to showcase the equipment, UNOX comes to the end user (a chef and/or restaurant owner) at their place of business.

The logistics, let alone the meal prep, for an Individual Cooking Experience (ICE) is an artistic feat. Unload the UNOX ChefTop Mind.Maps™ combi oven from the van into the restaurant’s kitchen. Prepare the restaurant’s signature dish (or the chef’s favorite recipe). Cook the meal in the UNOX oven. Plate and present the final dish with flourish. Set the oven to self-clean with UNOX’s eco-friendly, patented cleaning products and process.

UNOX has designed, standardized and documented the process so thoroughly that close to 100 Active Marketing Chefs (AMCs) all over the world can complete an individual sales experience within 75 minutes from start to finish.

And during the downtime—while the meal is being cooked and the oven is self-cleaning—the AMC (also known as a sales representative) uses a conversational framework, called a ValuePrompter®, to determine what problems the chef is having and how UNOX is able to solve them. As part of an elegant presentation, the sales conversation is woven into the Individual Cooking Experience.

Artistry in Metrics

The AMCs demonstrate how remarkable the UNOX ovens are with the artistic and dramatic flair of a professional chef. Even given that the oven is a key part of a chef’s toolkit, the 95% rate of closed deals is exceptional.

UNOX continues to grow its business through direct sales and by working with equipment dealers throughout Europe, South America, Asia, Russia and the US. Both dealers and AMCs receive beautifully designed playbooks that detail the best practices as they engage with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.

UNOX is sure that increasing the number of Individual Cooking Experiences will dramatically increase revenue. In 2016 alone, UNOX saw a 25% increase in Individual Cooking Experiences and a corresponding 23.5% increase in sales and 32% EBITDA.