Squaremouth - Customer Service Department of the Year

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Company: Squaremouth, St. Petersburg, FL
Company Description: Founded in 2003, Squaremouth is an online travel insurance company that has grown to over $16 million in annual sales. Using Squaremouth’s comparison engine and third-party customer reviews, travelers can quote and compare travel insurance products from virtually every major provider. A multi-award winning company, Squaremouth consistently receives recognition for its exceptional customer service.
Nomination Category: Customer Service Department Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Department of the Year - Financial Services - Up to 100 Employees

Nomination Title: Squaremouth

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Squaremouth operates in the travel insurance industry, but first and foremost, we consider ourselves in the business of customer service. In addition to our in-house, 24-hour call center, every Squaremouth employee comprises the customer service team, with a dedicated block of time each week to answer calls and chats. This ensures our customers remain at the core of our business and culture.

Customer Service the “Squaremouth Way”

Squaremouth has never determined success by sales numbers. We approach customer service the “Squaremouth Way” — by striving for quality goals instead of sales targets, and assessing customer satisfaction to measure our success.

While we know our customers are satisfied with the one-on-one customer service they receive, only 6% of our sales are made by phone. For this reason, we spent the past year achieving growth by improving the entire experience for our current customers, before and after their purchase.

Personalized Service for Every Customer

In 2016, we focused these efforts by building a customer account system for our website, giving each customer the ability to create a personal profile on squaremouth.com. Once logged in, users are empowered with a multitude of features to help them through every stage of the travel insurance process, from finding the right policy to getting emergency support while traveling and filing a claim upon return home.

With core employees on the frontlines of our customer service, we identified the most frequent and pressing questions, concerns and requests. Using this intimate understanding of our customer base, we spent nine months developing a system from scratch that addresses these needs.

Simplifying the Search Process

As a travel insurance comparison site with more than 100 policies from over 20 providers, our goal is to make travelers feel confident by helping them find the best policy for their specific situation.

The launch of our customer account system put power into the hands of our travelers, allowing them to simplify their travel insurance search. Customers now have the ability to save their searches, specific search parameters, and “favorite” policies. They can also add helpful notes and refer to past policies directly in their account. Once they make a purchase, customers can access their policy at any time and share it with traveling companions.

While many of our customers only insure a trip once a year, their preferences and purchases remain in their account forever, making future decision processes more efficient.

Support When it Matters Most

Choosing a policy is only the first step for our customers. The true test comes when they need to use their insurance. The customer account system expands our support to travelers during and after their trip. Our mobile-friendly system keeps all the customer’s travel insurance information at their fingertips while they’re traveling.

Sometimes travelers are not sure who to contact if they have a problem overseas. In an emergency, there may not be time to search through papers or emails. Understanding how vital getting 24-hour help is for our travelers, we designed the entire customer account system to ensure this contact information is always accessible and only a click away.

Once the traveler returns home, their account automatically adjusts to highlight the claims department contact information. If they have any issue with their claim, they can easily open a Zero Complaint case from their account, and a member of Squaremouth’s Zero Complaint Team will mediate with the provider on the customer’s behalf to ensure their claim is handled properly.

Bolstering Our Commitment to Customer Service

Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service has earned Squaremouth five stars on third-party review site ResellerRatings for the past four years, with a 98% customer satisfaction rating and nearly 8,000 five-star reviews. With the launch of our customer account system, we gave our customers the tools they need to help themselves, while expanding the reach of our high-quality, personalized customer service.