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Samsung Electronics America - IVR or Web Service Solution – New

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Company: Samsung Electronics America, Ridgefield Park, NJ
Company Description: Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), is a recognized innovative leader in consumer electronics, mobile devices and enterprise solutions providing consumers and organizations with a portfolio of groundbreaking products in appliances, home entertainment, Internet of Things, mobile computing, smartphones, virtual reality, wireless infrastructure and wearables.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: IVR or Web Service Solution – New

Nomination Title: Supporting Samsung Customers through the Power of a Peer Expert Network

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Company Profile & Background

A wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America (SEA) is pushing beyond the limits of today’s technology and providing consumers and organizations with a portfolio of groundbreaking products in appliances, home entertainment, Internet of Things, mobile computing, smartphones, virtual reality, wireless infrastructure and wearables, in addition to offering leading content and services related to mobile payments, 360-degree VR video, customer support and more.

SEA strives to be not only best in class in its product offerings but in customer service as well with the goal of creating customer loyalty across product lines

Overview, Project Objectives & Challenges

SEA has continually been pursuing innovative options to deliver great customer care and increase brand loyalty. With a desire to enable our mobile phone users to quickly access high-quality support, SEA was seeking a solution that would be innovative, leverage mobile devices, and tap into our brand loyalists’ product knowledge. We also needed a solution that could support digital care in the channels of our customers’ choice, drive greater product adoption and feature usage while maintaining high customer satisfaction and limiting incremental costs.


SEA introduced a solution that allowed our top customer loyalists to earn rewards for supporting other Samsung users. Using an on-demand marketplace platform provided by Directly, SEA could distribute support cases to hundreds of peer experts and provide fast, helpful, and empathetic responses. When using Samsung+, SEA’s customer care app, customers have access to a messaging interface to connect with a network of expert users creating a convenient, anytime, anywhere communication system for immediate response. The experts are actual customers of Samsung who have previously been invited and have passed a skills test to join the network. Experts get paid for resolving customer issues quickly and with high satisfaction. If a customer needs additional help, Directly’s technology allows the question to be immediately rerouted to a Samsung agent who will seamlessly pick up the conversation with all previous exchanges available for viewing. The incentive model drives high levels of quality and performance. The Directly platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence to optimize the routing of questions to the best performing experts.

“With text messages outranking phone calls as the dominant form of communication among today’s consumer– especially with younger users — the service is straightforward, literally at their fingertips, and efficient,” said Michael Lawder, SEA’s SVP of Customer Care.


SEA was able to create an expert network extremely quickly by leveraging the passion of its customers. In 6 months, the program scaled across all major mobile phones and supported the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Note8 product families. Loyalists embraced the new products and, within a few days, were helping fellow customers. The experts’ product knowledge, derived primarily from actual product usage, may even exceed the knowledge retained by traditional agents through training.

The innovative new way of helping customers has resulted in a consistent customer satisfaction rate around 90%, with response times averaging < 2 minutes. Additionally, Samsung is rewarding its most loyal customers for helping other users with more than 150,000 support requests to date.

The elasticity of the network allows SEA to handle 300-500% spikes in volume. Such spikes are quickly absorbed by the experts who flex their personal schedules to be available to respond. During these surges, response times often decreased to <1 min while maintaining high CSAT scores of 90%. This increased engagement drives greater customer adoption.


Currently, experts support the Galaxy S5, S6, S7, and S8, as well as Galaxy Note4, Note5, and Note8 device on Samsung+. There are plans to add the Directly service to the Samsung website, as well as to expand its coverage to more product groups, providing customers with broader engagement options.

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