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SalesPreso - Sales Automation Solution – New Version

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: SalesPreso, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Company Description: SalesPreso is a game-changing technology platform transforming enterprise B2B sales by automating its single most time-consuming activity – creating customised presentations. SalesPreso is used by enterprise companies like Telstra, Scout24 and Move Inc across three global regions, and partners and integrates with industry-leading technology. SalesPreso was founded in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Automation Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Customer presentations are broken; we've fixed them

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SalesPreso is a game-changing technology platform transforming enterprise B2B sales by automating its single most time-consuming activity – creating customised presentations. It does this primarily through deep integration with internal and external data sources, and cloud hosting.

Why SalesPreso?

SalesPreso was conceived when technology and communications consultants Aaron Cooper and Joel Thomson recognised many salespeople were losing up to 60% of their week preparing presentations, impacting time spent with customers and meeting targets. Although large enterprises invest millions a year in software that captures, measures and analyses all things sales, the most critical interaction between a company and its customers—the presentation made by sellers or advisors—is largely left up to individual salespeople, with no visibility for the wider business.

SalesPreso has identified three common, core challenges faced by sales teams globally:

Limited relevance
Presentation content is usually static, generic, and instantly out of date. Or, customer data has to be manually sourced and laboriously updated for each presentation.

Limited control, consistency and compliance
Business stories are interpreted by individuals. Content is too often pulled together from different divisions, systems and sources, then presented in an unprofessional mix of formats.

Limited visibility
Behaviour and content effectiveness are not easily informed by readily available, meaningful analytics. Organisations are missing the opportunity to evolve sales training and content.

These challenges lead to the following common impacts on enterprise organisations:

Lost productivity
Between 40% and 80% lost seller/advisor productivity in repeated preparation tasks – for example sourcing, editing, and creating new content.
Up to 70% of marketing collateral is wasted — sellers/advisors typically use only 30% of their available materials. Instead, they create the remainder of their presentations from scratch, or from a local file to achieve a low level of customer relevance, one presentation at a time.

Long and inefficient sales cycles
When companies sell using static, non-interactive methods, they are often starting on the back foot - right from the beginning of their interaction with the customer. It takes time for them to talk to the customer, collect information, create a proposal, which will then be judged mainly on a pricing decision. They lose the opportunity to differentiate their products and services from their competitors, and are forced to compete on price.

Poor customer experiences
Content is made by the sellers or advisors, rather than communications professionals, so it invariably looks un-compelling and unprofessional. Traditional presentation formats are static; the opportunity to introduce rich media, tools and interaction into the customer presentation is missed.

How SalesPreso increases sales automation

The SalesPreso platform enables enterprise organisations to build the perfect sales or advice presentation app for their unique IP, processes and requirements.

Preso content is integrated with data from multiple sources (CRM, ERP, and BI systems) to automate the creation of rich, animated, and interactive customer-relevant presentations within minutes.

SalesPreso enhances sales processes and encourages success as it is:

Data-driven for customer relevance
Deep integration with CRM, ERP and any other internal and external data sources ensures every presentation is automatically customer-specific and personalised. The information captured can also instantly be pushed to the enterprise’s CRM system for automated updates.

Cloud-connected for business control, consistency, and compliance
One cloud-based source of content, controlled by the business’s sales and marketing leaders and synced with company data sources, automatically ensures every presentation is instantly consistent, accurate and compliant.

AI-powered for business visibility
Comprehensive user behaviour and content tracking and assessment, augmented by our AI engine, delivers meaningful analytics and automated reporting to drive guided selling and actionable insights for the ongoing development of successful sales content.

SalesPreso provides relevance, consistency, and visibility to sales teams, and provides actionable insights that positively influence the company’s bottom line.

The outcomes

Our clients are seeing:

135% increase in sales productivity
217% increase in marketing productivity
29% increase in customer coverage
34% increase in customer satisfaction
21% increase in CRM utilisation

All contributing to a 25% increase in revenue.