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Sales Partnerships Lighting Up Results for Solar Sales

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Company: Sales Partnerships, Inc., Broomfield, CO
Company Description: Sales Partnerships, Inc. is the premier direct sales outsourcing company in the world, offering branded representation that delivers rapid revenue lift for the most influential B2B firms in the world. Whether it's brand activation, customer acquisition, or retention, SPI is the leader in providing scalable and proven solutions to the Fortune 500.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Distinction Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Distinction of the Year - All Other Industries

Nomination Title: Sales Partnerships Lighting Up Results for Solar Sales

Tell the story about what this nominated organization achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Sales Partnerships. Inc (SPI) provides turn-key field based sales outsourcing, contract sales, and brand activation services for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in more than 200 North American markets. As a specialist BPO company in sales, we leverage proprietary solutions and technologies integrated with field teams under our clients’ brands.

Dow Chemical came to us to lead the field sales effort for a business to consumer product that produces electricity from solar power via an alternative technology rather than traditional panel systems - power generating integrated roofing.

The program required sales be done nationwide including everything from work with consumers to selling national homebuilders on multi-million dollar projects. Additionally, we had to provide operational support for design and layout of deals as well as to build financing programs. Dow understood that SPI had the capability to build all the separate components needed and unify them for a seamless program working hand in hand with Dow internal personnel.

We built aprogram hinged on turning the logistics chain on its head. Roofers were viewed simply as fulfillment to put product on roofs. By leveraging the utility of the client’s product - we converted the fulfillment engine into a lead generation engine. Because the solar shingles wer also a roofing product, they double as replacements for normal shingles (while also generating power). Roofers would be contacted by consumers when theyneeded new roofs (whether from age or damage) and could increase their revenue by having an opportunity to add solar shingles to the deal since the product is easy enough to install that roofers can do it themselves. Simultaneously, Dow's marketing team generated leads of people interested in solar solutions. Roofers were interested in getting the solar leads and were happy to refer in the homeowners who needed new roofs. The resulting relationship generated more revenue for each roofing deal and increased the close rates by leveraging our sales force and the value of the integrated product.

Simultaneously, we felt that waiting for homes and businesses to replace their roofs slowed down our opportunities. The program then took to convincing builders to include integrated solar roofing with large scale projects. Most impressively, one of the largest home-builders in America was secured and launched the largest green home community in America powered through our work. That deal resulted in several others following suit. It became a more common element in new home builder communities to offer a solar option because of the work SPI pioneered.

The results:

The team performance (KW sales per rep)beat national averages for the industry by more than 200%and established the client as an industry powerhouse.

The team beat quota by more than 200% overall.

Beyond beating the targets by many-fold, our efforts also resulted in establishing the framework for the next generation of the product, additions of some of the largest builders in America, and gaining national media coverage.

Finally, our work enabled Dow to license the Solar division to have their products manufactured by two of the three biggest Solar sales organizations in America - Tesla's Solar City and RGS Energy. SPI will be continuing our work in this space through those relationships in 2018.

“SPI has a bias for action… whether it’s following up on our questions and needs or calling us with new ideas and initiatives to make our sales plan better. They do a fantastic job of mentoring new hires and integrating the SPI sales team with our legacy sales team. SPI really understands how to complement our culture and tailor the program to meet our goals and objectives. SPI is key in helping us to expand our program. “ - Dow Marketing Director

The attached case study detailsour work in this program as well as links for Sales Partnerships, links to national media coverage earned, and links to the new partners Dow secured because of SPI's work.