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Company Description: is the most frequently visited classifieds and e-commerce platform in Turkey.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: National Sales Team of the Year

Nomination Title: S Team

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes: was founded in 2000 to unite buyers and sellers online and bring them advertising, detailed searching and easy purchasing opportunities. Boasting 600 employees, 6 million active advertisements, and thousands of products, is one of Turkey’s biggest electronic commerce and advertisement platforms. Our Corporate Sales Team reaches out to sellers wishing to become corporate members and includes them in the system.

In 2016, our Corporate Sales Department with over 15 years’ experience

was significantly restructured to achieve growth by boosting customer satisfaction. Teams selling a single product within the Field Sales and Telesales Teams were grouped under the name Corporate Customer Consultant (CCCs).

We created the S-Team brand with the motto “You’ve Got the Power!” to gather our CCCs under one roof and apply corporate sales initiatives such as S-Team Growth, S-Team Processes, S-Team Sales School, S-Team Energy, S-Team Rewards, and S-Team Sales Culture created to highlight the power of team spirit over individuality. Thus, we made a first step towards growth by establishing a team that plans ahead, stands by its customers, and believes in its brand.

So what have we done?

S-Team Growth

We’ve branched out to 81 cities to further support our corporate customers and help them grow their businesses.

We’ve established regional offices in eight cities and grown in 33 cities with 158 sales representatives and 16 regional managers.

S-Team Processes

We designed the Pusula app to help the Field Sales Team work more efficiently and increase their face-to-face visits, allowing CCCs to plan their customer visits ahead and better manage changes to the visit schedule.

To branch out to more people, increase our calls, and run our data efficiently, we switched to the Dialer system, which creates call lists, makes automatic calls on behalf of CCCs and has a special call list function that connects our teams only with those customers who pick up the phone.

We launched an automation system to measure the service quality of the Telesales Team, listen to many more calls, efficiently organize CCC feedback and focus on those calls that don’t conclude with sales.

We created our Toplu Doping product to speed up the process of turning customer advertisements into sales. We then divided our country into three regions under our Common Goal Project to harmonize our Telesales and Field Sales Teams.

Meanwhile, the Welcome Call and Care initiative reminded our corporate member customers of the continued after-sales support that we provide, raising customer satisfaction.

S-Team Sales School

Our belief in the power of continuous and efficient training lead us to establish our Sales School offering a variety of courses.

Together with our expert trainers, we offer our “Get to Know Yourself and Your Customers” course in three modules and follow up our employees’ knowledge with monthly exams whose results are shared with team leaders.

We welcome new recruits with a welcome newsletter and our morning mail consisting of current sector news.

In line with our motto “The voice of the field is the voice of telesales” we hold meetings where employees can easily give their suggestions and shape our business plan accordingly.

S-Team Energy

Under our Morning Vitamin concept, we start each day dynamically with fun activities such as competitions and breakfasts accompanied by music. We hold monthly, quarterly, and yearly team meetings to maintain energy and team spirit. We celebrate our success together at our traditional sales summits and organize team bonding summer picnics and fun half-year meetings.

S-Team Rewarding

Our S-Team Rewards System generates healthy competition by rewarding CCCs who come top in sales, service quality, exams, customer satisfaction survey scores and performance evaluations.

The results speak for themselves!

-Presence in all cities in Turkey.
-Sales Team achieved 60% growth, supported by 51 telesales consultants .
-Sales increased by 52% in 2016.
-Customer visits increased by 27%.
-Outbound calls increased by 55%.
-97% customer satisfaction level.