Pushpay Holdings Limited - Business Development Achievement of the Year

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Company: Pushpay Holdings Limited, Redmond, WA
Company Description: Pushpay provides mobile commerce tools that facilitate fast, secure and easy non-POS payments between consumers and merchants. Pushpay targets merchants who are looking to offer convenient, personalised and intuitive payment solutions to their consumers. Pushpay services three target markets: the faith sector; non-profit organisations and enterprises.
Nomination Category: Business Development Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Business Development Achievement of the Year - Technology Industries

Nomination Title: Pushpay’s Customer Success Team: Reviving personal service in an age of digital commerce.

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Pushpay provides mobile commerce tools that facilitate fast, secure and easy non point of sale payments and engagement solutions that enable meaningful connections. Our main target market is the USA faith sector.

Pushpay has increased its leading metric, Annualised Committed Monthly Revenue to US$33.9 million, up 282% over the year to 30 September 2016. Pushpay processes over US$1 billion in payments yearly. Pushpay now serves 33 of the top 100 largest churches in the USA. Our merchant base grew to 5,286, up 152% over the year to 30 September 2016.

With Pushpay’s superior product offering, innovative and fast-moving culture, we are the dominant player in the USA faith sector for payments and have overtaken competitors SecureGive (~1,500 customers) and Kindrid (< 2,000 customers) in terms of market share.


Pushpay has invested in implementation, providing one-on-one coaching rather than building out FAQ’s and support pages. This investment in people has delivered a high level of customer satisfaction along with a best-in-class revenue retention rate of over 95%.

With over 55 employees, Pushpay’s Customer Success team (‘the Team’) has more than doubled in size in a year, supporting merchants and users via SMS, email, phone and online chat, including weekend, after-hours and extended holiday availability.

Maintaining a high level of personalized service is at the core of Pushpay’s customer support strategy.

Our first response is within three business hours. Companies of comparable size have an initial response time average of 12 hours, meaning Pushpay is four times faster than the national average.

We are 100% committed to personal service. All new merchants (>1,500 in six months) are welcomed with a handwritten note and a phone call from their Customer Success Coach. Over the following 60 days, their coach develops and walks them through a technical installation, custom roll-out strategy and best practices for user adoption.

Brandon Hoskins, Soul City Church said, “I got a handwritten thank you from our Account Manager…These types of gestures, in my opinion, are part of the secret sauce that makes Pushpay so successful…it is so awesome to feel seen, valued, and appreciated as not just another customer.”

What results from this personalized strategy is a high-touch, high-care experience for merchants like Lynn Devore, Memorial Bible Church, "Nothing but great customer service no matter the problem or who I talk to. Always excited about working with you as there is nothing that is taken lightly or given ‘less than’ important rating."

Challenges and Solutions

As one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world, we have seen parallel increased pressure on our on-boarding and support teams. Due to the financial and technical nature of Pushpay’s product, with every new merchant comes a unique set of installation intricacies. We implemented Zendesk in 2015, providing the ability to support customers more quickly and efficiently through an online ticketing system.

When a larger customer is launching, the Team is up at all hours of the night to be available for any questions. Even though we are Monday-Friday, we have a whole department checking in on their partners because they are interested in their church’s well-being.

The Team is also challenged by the giving guarantee promise Pushpay makes to their faith-based customers. Pushpay guarantees at least a five percent annual increase in contributions or they refund the entire 12-months of software fees. This kind of increase depends on a nearly flawless execution of implementation, roll-out and strategy for user adoption.As a testament to the Team’s effectiveness, Pushpay has never had to refund these fees and Pushpay has never lost a customer who has been properly implemented.

Despite the pressures of supporting merchants in four countries across two continents, often having to integrate the product with outdated merchant websites and thousands of custom database integrations, the Team continues to deliver best-in-class results, without cutting corners.