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Patagonia Health - “Service: People First - Every Day”

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Patagonia Health, Cary, NC
Company Description: Patagonia Health solves two major barriers to Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption: Usability and Cost. Patagonia Health is the only company in the nation that provides a true apps and cloud-based EHR software solutions. The apps provide an easy to use EHR while cloud- based technology makes it affordable. The apps provide each user exactly what they need, when they need it.
Nomination Category: Customer Service Awards Success Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Success - Technology Industries

Nomination Title: “Service: People First - Every Day”

Tell the story about what this nominated organization achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

“Service: People First - Every Day”

In an industry where customer service often gets overlooked, and customer satisfaction can be challenging to deliver, Patagonia Health takes a customer-centric approach. Our company was established with two major goals in mind: to provide our customers with a superior product, and to provide industry-leading service.

While the norm among many Electronic Health Record vendors may include limited access to support services, and additional charges for product enhancements and custom reports, at Patagonia Health, our users suggest system improvements, and our team of talented developers work with customers to deliver these enhancements – at no extra cost. Our users know that “Patagonia Health has their back.” Every day!

Our cloud-based technology allows us to deliver a viable, constantly evolving product with updates and enhancements in unparalleled responsiveness to customer-specific requests. Patagonia Health offers educational product information in a variety of ways. We keep our users kept up to date regarding new features via timely product release notes and educational webinars so they are able to get the most out of the EHR software.

A superior product, however, is not as useful without superior service. In addition to continuing education, we also provide expert consultation services for customers’ optimal EHR integration. This consultative approach has a proven outcome: a majority of our clients report not only improved departmental efficiency, but, ultimately, increased revenue, often in the range of 25% and higher! In a world where every penny counts, our services and outcomes are highly appreciated by our customers.

At Patagonia Health, we understand that this is a relationship business, and that our customers want to do business with people they know, and trust. We place a high priority on establishing good communication channels. We believe the key to success is creating partnerships with our customers – a joint responsibility of both sides, so we commit to take the journey together. Patagonia Health staff members visit customer’s sites for user training days, Go-Live support, and for customer user group meetings. These on-site, face-to-face visits are an opportunity to engage our customers and to foster relationships. In addition to integrating Patagonia Health EHR into our customers’ worlds, we integrate our customers into the Patagonia Health family.

Patagonia Health’s service investment infectiously begins with our CEO, who energizes a company-wide commitment to this goal, the result of which are well-trained, successful customers. Successful customers are more likely to refer new customers, and our goal is “100% customer reference-ability.”

Our significant investment of time, people, and resources seems a very small price to pay for happy and successful customers. Our clients select us for superior product, but they refer us because of our superior service:

EVERY DAY we listen with forward-thinking minds.
EVERY DAY we diligently work to improve and add benefits to our EHR.
EVERY DAY we are enhancing our EHR, focusing on people first.