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OpenMarket - Best Use of Technology in Customer Service


Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: OpenMarket, Seattle, WA
Entry Submitted By: Barokas PR
Company Description: OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs, helps enterprises use mobile to transform their business. OpenMarket provides mobile engagement solutions for organizations to optimize their operations and enhance relationships with their customers and employees. We provide smart, interactive connectivity to more than 200 countries, enabling businesses to engage with nearly every mobile user around the world.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category:Best Use of Technology in Customer Service - Telecommunications Industries

Nomination Title: SMS Alerts Tackle Customer Frustration, Eliminate Overcrowded Train Platforms

Tell the story about how technology has improved your customer service initiatives since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes: TEXT REDACTED FOR PUBLICATION

With over 40,000 passengers using Virgin Trains’ services every day at London’s Euston station, running a busy train schedule and seamlessly managing a high passenger volume are challenging tasks – in fact, Euston station’s daily passenger volumes rival those of Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. As a result, Euston station is prone to overcrowded concourses and spikes in passenger surges as passengers notice their platform numbers have been displayed on departure boards, leading to an increase in customer frustration. To make the entire traveling experience more satisfactory for passengers, Virgin Trains partnered with OpenMarket to achieve an exceptional customer experience.

OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs, is a mobile messaging provider that helps enterprises mobilize their business functions across the entire organization. OpenMarket supports over 300 enterprises, including four of the top 10 global brands. By providing intelligent and interactive connectivity to more than 200 countries, the company empowers these businesses to engage with nearly every mobile user around the world.

Improving a customer’s experience has long been a priority for OpenMarket, and they have been devoted to fine-tuning their Mobile Engagement Platform to better serve this market. The Mobile Engagement Platform is a powerful, feature-rich, and fully scalable SaaS-based platform, which allows global enterprises to improve interactions with employees and customers via SMS and MMS.

OpenMarket’s mobile messaging solutions resolve the complexities and fragmentation of the mobile ecosystem by providing expertise in engagement channels, regulatory compliance and industry best practices. Its portfolio of flexible, highly scalable and reliable solutions and professional services allow enterprises to support multiple use cases. As customer experience is a driving force behind Virgin Trains, since March 2016, the organization has used OpenMarket’s V.4 Global SMS API as a means to manage passenger flow through targeted SMS - changing the way customers move around the station.

Powered by OpenMarket, Virgin Trains’ Project Surge is an SMS priority boarding system developed to engage with passengers who have reserved seats on Here’s how it works: customers who have reserved a seat online receive a game-changing SMS alert 75 seconds prior to the platform information being displayed on the station’s departure boards – allowing them to make their way to their train ahead of everyone else. The message they receive informs customers of their train platform and seat number. On particularly busy trains, SMS messages are delivered first to travelers on Senior, Disabled or Family rail cards.

The SMS travel updates have had a hugely positive impact on customer service, as revealed by Virgin Trains’ customer satisfaction surveys:

  • For evening rush hour journeys (7pm-9pm), there was a 28% increase in the ‘ease of boarding’ rating
  • ‘Ease of boarding’ rating for customers traveling during the morning rush hour (7am-8am) increased by 15%

Virgin Trains is committed to delivering a comfortable travel experience and excellent customer service to its passengers. Sending train updates via text messages (powered by OpenMarket) has not only offered a better customer experience, but has eliminated long lines and the stress associated with the established platform announcement process. By regulating passenger flow via SMS, ticket inspection and train boarding processes are simplified and streamlined, boosting both customer and staff experience. Virgin Trains and OpenMarket are now looking at expanding the Surge project nationwide.