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MTM's Mobility Assessment Evaluator Training

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: MTM, Lake St. Louis, MO
Company Description: MTM is one of the nation’s most experienced, established and qualified non-emergency medical transportation brokers. Leveraging our resources and experience, MTM offers a spectrum of healthcare and public transit services that help our clients align incentives, reduce costs, and increase member and passenger satisfaction.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Training Product of the Year

Nomination Title: MTM Training's Newest Training Product - Mobility Assessment Evaluator Training

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In 2017, MTM introduced our newest formal training program for Mobility Assessment Evaluators, geared towards staff who complete Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Functional Assessments. Per ADA guidelines, all public entitites that operate non-commuter fixed route transportation services for the general public are also required to provide complementary paratransit service. Complementary service is provided to individuals who are determined to be ADA paratrainsit eligible. Eligibility is given when they are unable to use fixed route service to meet particular trip needs due to physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Failure to conduct a determination process that meets the regulations or failure to provide complementary paratransit service in accordance with the requirements established in the regulations are violations of the civil rights of the affected person.

This innovative training uses a blended format that includes classroom training, 40-plus hours of role-play scenarios, hands-on training, and recorded LMS training. Classroom training begins with orientation before participants are imersed in the specific contract details. After providing a solid understanding of the business and expectations, learners participate in trainings covering topics such as ADA guidelines, working with those with disabilities, and paratransit. The next portion of training focuses on operations and includes training on interviews, assessments such as FACTS and MMSE, and how to make determinations. Once learners understand the operational processes, they receive hands-on system training, complete job shadowing, and participate in the last leg of the training, which we’ve coined as Mock Week.

Mock Week is intended to provide employees with the most realistic job simulation while also allowing them to perform their roles in a controlled environment, resulting in real-time feedback and coaching. Due to the nature of the business (completion of in-person assessments), trainees can not ask questions during shadowing. Paired with job shadowing, this filled the gap represented by the need for in-the-moment feedback.

In order to make the program a reality, a needs assessment was completed and feedback was collected on what behaviors were required. Once training analysis was completed, the goal was to make the training as realistic as possible. To do this, MTM Training collaborated with our ADA leadership team to use real-life records of previous applicants, replacing their Personal Health Information (PHI) with mock data in order to stay compliant with various regulations. Additionally, all training material was required to be reviewed and approved by our client.

First implemented with our LA Access contract, the training plan has now been implemented for our Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago ADA assessment contracts, and is also slated to be used for our Santa Clara contract.

YTD 2017, MTM has assessed 1,249 transportation disadvantaged individuals and was able to transition 19% of those individuals to lower cost modes of transportation based on their need, with the assistance of travel training. Annual cost savings for this effort is $1,741,411 (Kirkpatrick Level 4 result). Outside of cost savings, we have also achieved other exciting results through the implementation of this interactive training, including:

Reduced time to complete ADA assessments (Kirkpatrick Level 4 result)
Increased communication
Increased staff engagement
Enhanced collaboration
100% satisfaction with training
100% confidence in abilities to perform the functions/behaviors learned in the training
More accurate eligibility determinations completed per our clients
Increased compliance with federal ADA guidelines

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