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Moxie - Contact Center Solution – New

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Moxie, San Bruno, CA
Company Description: Moxie is changing the way eCommerce is done. Moxie anticipates what customers want, connecting and engaging with them through the entire digital journey, across devices. Through Moxie’s solutions, including Chat, Email, Knowledge and Web Self-Service, companies have the ability to deliver the right engagement offer via the right channel to increase total customer value.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Contact Center Solution – New

Nomination Title: How Moxie® Concierge® KbotTM Cures the Contact Center Blues

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and sales to date:

The KbotTM Solution, the New Contextual Cornerstone of Moxie® Concierge®. The truest route to curing call center blues is true engagement. True engagement helps but doesn’t hover; it is a customer experience that is balanced between an automated, intelligent dimension and access to expert live agents. The Kbot solution delivers that balance with contextual guidance. Moreover, it frees up call centers to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Kbot contextual guidance. On-demand guidance is customer requested. Pro-active guidance responds to customer behaviors like hesitation, struggle, error messages, browsing patterns, clicks, form field selections, and inputted values. Such guidance may be text-based articles, tips, forms, or even video, and it enables customers to complete tasks and continue their journey.

Already Feeling Less Blue Because of Kbot Automation

Customers are able to quickly and easily access detailed information as they please. Kbot automation works in tandem with customer service Knowledgebase and integrates with Moxie Self-Service. Companies control the look and feel of content with brandable templates and customizable self-service portals. And the content management is designed for business owners.

Benefits of the Moxie® Concierge Kbot Solution: Two Case Studies

A Fortune 500 diversifiedfinancial servicesgroup of companies, which we will refer to as Large North American Insurance Company (LNIC), and the 100-year old Boscov’s Department Store both employed and realized extraordinary results with the Kbot solution.

LNIC Case Study:

LNIC recognized that its customers struggled at four main points in the insurance application and purchasing process. The company’s advisors provided valuable assistance, so LNIC wished to replicate those advisors’ expertise in an automated format.

LNIC Kbot Solution Implementation. After identifying key struggle points, LNIC used their advisors to create content for the Kbot application. LNIC and the Moxie team worked together to create information snippets and map each struggle with relevant content using Moxie’s Engagement MapperTM, a key feature of the Concierge suite.

LNIC Results.

-32% increase in initiated applications
-73% more applications completed
-51% more products sold

Boscov’s Department Store Case Study:

Like LNIC, the Boscov’s team first worked with Moxie experts to identify struggle points in the company’s digital shopping journey. Boscov’s focused on four key stages of the customer journey where specific targeted proactive messaging would remove barriers for the customer: awareness, consideration, conversion, and service. For example, Boscov’s and Moxie analysts determined at the conversion stage, that more product guidance and error resolution would benefit customers.

Boscov’s Kbot Solution Implementation. After noting struggle points within each stage, the Moxie Kbot application proactively offered information helping customers with unassisted, automated engagements, and thereby reducing chat and phone volumes. At the awareness stage, a welcome message on sales and coupons enhanced the introductory stage. At the consideration stage, with Kbot targeted messaging, Boscov’s offered snippets of information, which increased accurate product information, reduced returns, and improved customer satisfaction. Simple messages assisted customers and reduced the need for chat agent assistance. For example: “You seem to be having trouble? Don’t forget that you must order two of this item to receive a complete set.” Kbot messaging assisted the conversion stage by increasing upsell opportunities and reducing errors. And once products were sent at the service stage, Kbot messaging made delivery information more transparent and reduced the need for chats and phone calls.

Boscov’s Results.

Four months post-Kbot application launch:

-89% of digital engagements are Kbot (unassisted engagements have increased)
-Chat volume is down 50%, yet chat quality is up due to chat agents being better able to serve customers with quality calls.
-Phone volume is down 10%
-44% more revenue comes from Kbot unassisted engagements than from live chat.
-2% reduction in bounce rate

As LNIC and Boscov’s illustrate, improved customer service means improved business outcomes. The Moxie Concierge Kbot Solution enables contact centers to offer quality customer experiences rather than just those built around quantity.