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Miller Electric Company Excels in Customer Service

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Miller Electric Company, Omaha, NE
Company Description: A licensed commercial electrical contractor in Omaha since 1912, Miller Electric tackles the toughest jobs safely.
Nomination Category: Customer Service Awards Success Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Success - Other Service Industries

Nomination Title: Miller Electric Company Excels in Customer Service

Tell the story about what this nominated organization achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Businesses in the construction industry often get a bad rap when it comes to customer service. As a commercial electrical contractor in Omaha, Nebraska, it’s been our experience that customers are pleasantly surprised and sadly, sometimes even shocked, to discover that we consider every one of our 500+ employees to be customer service representatives. We believe customer service should be expected and applied from every business, in every industry, including the commercial construction sector.

Going above and beyond for our clients every day, on every job, is important to all of us at Miller Electric. It has been hard wired into us since our founder, Henry Miller, created Miller Electric Company more than 100 years ago. We feel privileged to count client relationships in decades and live by a code of “Millerisms” that our President, Ray Brugeman, developed to help us go above and beyond for our customers. We make them a visible part of our company culture to keep the values of our founder in front of every employee, every day, on every job. Those values are:

1. Man(power) enough for the job.
2. We’ve got your back.
3. Value is priceless.
4. In the end, all you have is your name.
5. Problem solved before it becomes one.
6. In the big picture, every detail matters.

We believe every aspect of our work should be done with our customers’ interests in mind. From the bids we prepare to the safety seminars we conduct to the services we offer, we make fulfilling our values an essential part of what we do. We aren’t the cheapest electrical contractor in town because we believe in getting the job done right for a fair price and that requires paying people a fair wage for their labor. While we might be underbid, we are never out performed. In fact, we regularly have General Contractors and businesses approach us after they’ve gone with the lowest bidder, to clean up subpar work and fix hasty mistakes.

From small projects like specialty lighting for art galleries to large data center jobs for globally-recognized corporations, we bring the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence to every job we undertake. We put the most suited employees on every job and make sure they and everyone involved in the project works safely.

We regularly have customers tell us things like the following from KANEKO Executive Director, Chris Hochstetler, ““Through the course of this project, Miller Electric became like family members to us….The work that was done here by Miller Electric is true craftsmanship and will stand as part of this great new facility, but moreover, KANEKO feels like we have gained family members for life.”

In 2017, we invested the time and resources into commissioning local advertising agency (and Stevie Award winner) Creative to conduct research for us on our customer service, culture and competition. We shared some of that feedback with our customers (as well as our employees). Highlights included:

-When choosing an electrical contractor, our customers want a partner who is knowledgeable, reliable, and always provides quality.
-97% of Miller Electric customers say we are known for getting the job done right, providing quality and being a trusted partner.
-88% of our customers were likely to recommend us to a colleague...
...and a staggering 90% of them were likely to hire us again.

We consider it a point of pride that we have been able to power so much of the growth of Omaha’s businesses for the past 100 years. We’re honored to play a role in helping our city and our customers’ organizations flourish. We will continue to follow in our founder Henry Miller’s footsteps and “do right by our customers” with integrity and dedication to excellence.