LOTTE Department Store - Customer Service or Sales Book of the Year

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Company: LOTTE Department Store, Korea
Entry Submitted By: t9
Company Description: LOTTE Department Store has positioned itself as the number-one department store in Korea under the slogan ‘lovely life’ To grow internationally into a global top retail company, it continues to add stores in China while penetrating new markets in Vietnam and Indonesia. Established: November 15, 1979 No. of employees : Approximately 11,000 No. of branches : 33(including 2 overseas branches)
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service or Sales Book of the Year

Nomination Title: 2016 Lotte Department Store Chuseok Premium Collection

The date on which this nominated book was first distributed or otherwise made public: 2016 Lotte Department Store Chuseok Premium Collection for VVIPs was produced from May to July 2016 and started to be distributed in the early August when Chuseok marketing campaigns began in Korea.

Summarize your book: its genesis, purpose, thesis, story, and results to date (up to 650 words).

Lotte Department Store was Korea’s first department store that distributed holiday gift brochures for customers in the 1980s. Since 2010, it has produced brochures for general customers and VVIPs reflecting customer needs and consumption patterns.

2016 Lotte Department Store Chuseok Premium Collection introduces the most expensive holiday gifts to Lotte Department Store’s VVIP customers. Every year, the brochure is organized under a theme that captures the value and meaning of the Chuseok holiday. In 2016, the theme was “Capturing your dream and hope in the full moon,” which dealt with Korean tradition of making a wish while looking at the full moon on Chuseok. Also, an aspect of art marketing was applied by utilizing a leading Korean calligrapher’s work on the cover in order to deliver Korean sensibility effectively.

2016 Lotte Department Store Chuseok Premium Collection was designed with a concept of “How you feel when you give or receive gifts” to introduce products that reflect VVIP customers’ needs and consumption patterns. Another characteristic is that the brochure was made as part of integrated communication, so the images and text from this brochure were used for a wide range of marketing activities for Lotte Department Store’s domestic branches, online shopping mall, and DM.

In content planning, the brochure was organized based on selling points of each product, providing major characteristics of products, reasons for presenting those gifts, and values that receivers will experience. The concept for visual elements including photography and design is “modern traditional,” combining the sensibility of a traditional holiday with images of high-end products. Especially for photo shoots, we selected tableware, fabrics, and small items made by creative artisans who inherited Korean tradition, and staged the atmosphere of a store which was created for one single customer only.

It is recognized that such content and visual strategies differentiated this brochure from competitors’ VVIP marketing efforts and effectively reflected the brand image of “a lovely life” that Lotte Department Store pursues.