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Lotte Department Store - Customer Service or Sales Book of the Year

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Company: Lotte Department Store, Seoul, South Korea
Entry Submitted By: t9 Design
Company Description: LOTTE Department Store is the largest department store in South Korea, and continues to grow into a global player. Since its establishment in 1979, the company has repeatedly achieved growth. It operates more than 70 stores in South Korea and abroad, with approximately 11,000 employees. LOTTE Department Store is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers with the best products and services.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service or Sales Book of the Year

Nomination Title: 2017 Lotte Department Store Chuseok Premium Collection

The date on which this nominated book was first distributed or otherwise made public: 2017 LOTTE Department Store Chuseok Premium Collection for VVIPs was produced in June to August 2017, with distribution beginning in early September to coincide with the start of the Chuseok marketing campaigns in South Korea.

Summarize your book: its genesis, purpose, thesis, story, and results to date (up to 650 words).

LOTTE Department Store was the first department store in South Korea to distribute national holiday gift brochures for customers in the 1980s. Since 2010, it has also produced brochures for general customers and VVIPs, reflecting customer needs and consumption patterns.

In South Korea, Chuseok (Thanksgiving) is one of the biggest holiday seasons, and people exchange many gifts with each other during the Chuseok holidays. LOTTE Department Store produced the 2017 LOTTE Department Store Chuseok Premium Gift Collection, a product catalogue targeting VVIP customers, under the concept of "special gift packages filled with love and devotion" for the Chuseok season marketing.

This catalog consists of three volumes, with the Korean titles "?: Ham" (wood box), "?: Nang" (silk pocket), and "?: Bo" (wrapping cloth). With the subtitle of "Chuseok Gift Story", “Ham” has adopted a magazine format that contains the meanings of Chuseok gifts, and stories about premium products. It also shows the origin of Chuseok gifts and suggestions of gifts by traditional food artisans and culinary experts including specialists in various areas such as farm produce, meat, seafood, and wine. “Nang” and “Bo” have been produced as a "book of special gift selections" and a "gift guide book by price range" respectively, with a focus on the needs of consumers.

Each cover is designed with the images of elegant models dressed in the traditional Korean costume called Hanbok. These covers show the sincerity of gift givers as well as the beauty of Hanbok. The package that puts these three books together has been designed with high quality paper and string knots in traditional patterns. Each character and product image were photographed to portray the festive mood and the characteristics of premium products under the concept of a modern narrative concept. Meanwhile, the product introduction pages have been designed to offer customers the convenience of selections with easy-to-see selling points, intuitive product mixes, and a new or recommended products guide.

LOTTE Department Store has produced a special and complete catalog with the magazine concept and contents, sophisticated design, and package that match the needs of its main target VVIP customers and the traits of a gift catalog, as compared to other gift catalogs which only focus on listing products.