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Company: LogMeIn (join.me), Boston, MA
Company Description: LogMeIn's join.me is a collaboration tool designed to cut through pointless processes, politics and protocols with a single click. They help users, teams and companies by making collaboration simple, instant and continuous. It is based in Boston, MA, with offices in Australia, Hungary, India, Ireland and the UK.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Collaboration Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: join.me – An Online Collaboration Solution That Shows Work Who’s Boss

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At its core, LogMeIn’s join.me solution simplifies the meeting experience and meets the ever changing needs of an increasingly mobile, collaborative workplace. With no login required, users can instantly start a meeting from wherever they are and collaborate with colleagues across any device, from laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

Since its launch in 2010, join.me has evolved into one of the leading video collaboration tools on the market. This summer, join.me began rolling out its latest round of product enhancements which serve to improve the remote meeting experience. Today, identities are digitally defined. Online profiles are more useful than any paper business card. join.me recognizes that, and the newest version allows for greater customization of profiles, facilitating more meaningful connections. With the latest version of join.me, users ranging from CEOs to entry-level salespeople have the power to fully customize their join.me profile and interface. For instance, people can be very particular about things such as their audio settings. With the new join.me, you can customize your speaker volume so that it automatically is set at your preferred level when you join a meeting. join.me also has integrated mobile whiteboards for the iPad and iPhone. This signifies a major push by the company to change their approach to videoconferencing by giving people the option to use a second screen, such as an iPad to not only see others through video conferencing, but also literally show others what you are thinking with the use of the Whiteboard.

join.me stands as the easy-to-use and purposefully light weight app that allows for fast, simple and instantaneous interactions whether you are in the same room or across the globe. While most web conferencing tools were designed to replicate the formal, boardroom style meetings, join.me takes an intuitive approach that uniquely addresses the needs of this new workforce of connected millennials.

In addition to these recent technological developments, join.me also announced a series of API integrations with platforms such as HubSpot CRM, HighSpot, YesWare, DocSend, Octive, Trello, Slack, HipChat and others (full list can be found at www.join.me/our-integrations). Users of these platforms can now log in to their join.me account directly through the platform’s interface and add meeting details to customer profiles. For a sales platform such as HubSpot CRM, for example, users no longer have to fumble around after starting a meeting to figure out a way to share their screen to demo a product. The prospect will see all the join.me details before the meeting even starts making the overall sales cycle more efficient and allowing sales teams to close more deals in less time.

With multi-device compatibility, the join.me mobile apps deliver a consistent user experience across devices, including “one touch” meeting functionality to Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone users. join.me recently underwent an iOS makeover to include mobile video as well as calendar sync functionality and support for iOS 10. join.me is also available for Android users with full device level screen sharing.

Today, join.me is used by millions across the globe. It’s personalization capabilities and unhinging of the typical virtual meeting experience make it the go-to collaboration tool for some of the world’s leading sales-driven organizations including 90% of Fortune 500 Companies. With join.me, users are no longer confined to traditional conference rooms and the static resources within them. All of these capabilities exist in a smartphone/tablet app that puts the power back in the user’s hands. Employees don’t need to download software just to run a simple meeting. All they need is a link. It’s that simple.