ListenTrust - Contact Center of the Year

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Company: ListenTrust, Portland, ME
Entry Submitted By: Marketing Maven Public Relations
Company Description: ListenTrust specializes in personalized customer engagement and sales, offering our clients a broad range of solutions in both English and Spanish. We have extensive experience handling inbound and outbound sales and lead generation projects, non-profit fundraising campaigns, and customer service for a wide variety of products and serve types for direct response and digital marketing.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Contact Center of the Year (Over 100 Seats) - Business Services Industries

Nomination Title: ListenTrust for Contact Center of the Year

Tell the story about what this nominated contact center achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Between 2015 and 2016, ListenTrust overcame obstacles in two campaigns: Customer Service and Direct Response Sales. ListenTrust demonstrated to our client that combining an inbound sales solution with a revenue generating or cost-neutral customer service solution, in Spanish and English, was the best approach to help accomplish their goals and build their business.

Customer Service Solution: ListenTrust understands that customer service is often perceived as an expense, but believes it should be revenue generating or cost-neutral at minimum.

Customer Service Results:

• 500,000 calls answered during the first year and a half
• Nearly $1,000,000 additional revenue generated during the first year and a half
• Revenue per call generated trends upward each week; generating over $3 revenue per call
• In August 2016, revenue per call was $2.77; with steady growth, revenue per call reached $5.07 one month later
• Typically considered a hard cost, ListenTrust’s solution turned customer service calls into a source of revenue for the client

The below Customer Service operations performance report compares ListenTrust with two of our client’s other vendors, across the top 5 products in our client’s portfolio, for one month:

• ListenTrust answered 47,367 calls. The second-place vendor answered 32,743, nearly 15,000 less
• ListenTrust outperformed in sales conversion
• ListenTrust came in either 1st or 2nd in revenue per call, across each of the 5 product campaigns

English Inbound Direct Response Solution:

For inbound direct response training, ListenTrust leveraged our seasoned management and training talent who made it possible for our client to conquer the Spanish direct response sales market years ahead of other marketers. The training, coupled with our expertise in managing people, was put into practice with English-speaking agents, who were new to the client’s business. We started with 20 agents and got to 300 in just two months for the new direct response campaign and we even doubled our client’s profits. In a matter of weeks, by applying the ListenTrust training and managing practices, ListenTrust’s agents were outperforming our client’s other vendors in a consistent trend.

English Inbound Direct Response Results:

Home and Tech Product: Call volume increased by 10%-20% each week, from 1,000 per week to 5,000 per week, in a span of three months, adding to the positive trend in conversion and revenue per lead. ListenTrust’s ability to scale quickly, while sustaining performance at optimal and profitable levels for our client, helped drive the success of this campaign. Thus, the client awarded 100% of the call volume allocation to ListenTrust following a 16-week comparative test.

Health and Beauty Product: The second campaign focused on a new product launch. Within the first week, ListenTrust’s live agents outperformed the client’s IVR by more than 11% in conversion. The revenue per lead was 30% higher with ListenTrust’s live agents than with the client’s IVR system. Following a month of consistent growth, the client awarded ListenTrust 100% of the call allocation.

Kitchenware Product: It took ListenTrust only four weeks to exceed the client’s IVR system in conversion, with a 3%-5% increase week-over-week and revenue per Lead that was consistently in a positive trend. ListenTrust delivered this increasing level of performance while IVR trended in a negative direction for conversion and revenue per lead. After eight weeks, the client decided to award 100% of the call allocation to ListenTrust.

Overall, ListenTrust provides flexible pricing and a high conversion rate, and helps clients make more money by utilizing third-party offers and clubs. This allows ListenTrust to provide a cost-per-order and cost-per-acquisition pricing model, which in turn reduces the cost to the client while increasing their profits.


ListenTrust effectively saved the client money and increased profits by:
• Making Customer Service revenue generating versus a cost center for the business
• Utilizing third-party offers to provide a flexible pricing structure and higher profit margins
• Utilizing our expertise in English and Spanish, direct response, and training that helped our agents to become subject matter experts for the client’s products and brands