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Company: KT, Seoul, South Korea
Company Description: kt, leading the development of the information and communications industries of Korea since its foundation in 1981.Quadrupling the number of fixed lines in 12 years.Expanding 4.5 million fixed lines to 20 million in just 12 years, kt introduced universal telephone service to every citizen of Korea, leading the development and advancement of communications services.
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Nomination Sub Category: IVR or Web Service Solution – New

Nomination Title: KT's ARS

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Since building an integrated call center system with the investment of 40 billion won in October 2014, the KT Call Center has operated the country’s largest customer center with 11,000 seats. In 2015, KT reduced ARS wait time through an improved customer service infrastructure and diversified the kinds of ARS. It has made diverse efforts to improve service quality from the customer perspective, including simplification of the ID certification process. Four kinds of efforts are introduced to improve ARS convenience and realize the best customer center recognized by customers:

First, KT is expanding customer channels through the country’s top 4 ARS services.

KT operates four types of ARS such as Pushing ARS, Seeing ARS, Voice Recognition ARS, and Text ARS. ‘Seeing ARS’, introduced by KT first in Korea and allowing customers to choose from the ARS menu while listening to a voice via a smartphone web screen; and ‘Text ARS’, which allows customers to resolve their questions simply through SMS (Short Message Service). The high utilization of the ARS menu is analyzed through Big Data predictions every month and the high click of ARSs is posted on the top of the menu.

Second, KT provides customers with a direct connection service with consultant and a 24-hour SNS consulting service.

As services are diversified, ARS become more complex and customer complaints are increasing accordingly. To this end, KT provides the following service for duplicate incoming customers (more than three times a day), adult customers over 65, roaming customers abroad, and customers who leave reservation calls: when a call is received, the consultant is directly connected by ‘0 for Consultant Connect’ and ‘1 for Existing ARS Connection’.

In addition, KT, which introduced iPhone first in Korea, operates an SNS customer center at Twitter (@olleh) / Facebook(@withKTgroup)) based on texts in line with market trends to make it possible to offer 24-hour consulting. KT was first in Korea to surpass 200,000 Twitter users and 100,000 Facebook users within the shortest period out of the country's top three communications companies.

Third, KT operates a self-select menu to allow customers to handle issues without consultant connection, including a text customer center.

KT provides customers with 20 self-select menus to allow customers to address issues without connecting to a consultant. Soldiers, who can use mobile phones only outside the barracks, must identify their ID through ARS, release the suspension of use, and enter the date of re-suspension before use. This service enables the direct processing of customer inquiries without waiting to connect and consult with consultants. Customer satisfaction is very high. This allows customers to directly access their desired menu and save access time up to 84% over the voice customer center. Since the world's first launching in 2014, the service has exceeded 1,000,000 use cases per month within a period of 9 months.

Fourth, KT maintains the top competitiveness beyond the nation’s first ‘Seeing ARS’ service.

KT does not settle for the fact that it launched the nation’s first latest service and continues to compare its ‘Seeing ARS’ with that of competitors and heterogeneous industries. To maintain top competitiveness, KT performs market research every year to improve UI (User Interface) and usability.

Through these efforts, the Voice of Customer (VOC), which had the weakness of ‘ARS Complex and Connection Delay’, was improved more than 20% to 59,966 cases in the first half of this year from 75,384 cases of the first half of the previous year. KT is the first in Korea to rank first in both wired and wireless sectors on the Korean Standard-Contact Service Quality Index (KS-CQI) sponsored by the Korean Standards Association (KSA), and has been selected as the best call center over 12 consecutive years in the mobile communications sector of KS-CQI sponsored by the Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC). All our efforts that we have put forward for the best customer recognition have themselves been recognized by these tangible results.