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Jacada Visual IVR

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Jacada, Atlanta, GA
Company Description: Jacada provides solutions that simplify and improve the effectiveness of customer interactions. Jacada’s mobile, customer, agent desktop and process optimization solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction, and provide a complete return on investment within the first year after deployment. More information at
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: IVR or Web Service Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Jacada Visual IVR

Tell the story about this nominated product or service (up to 650 words). Describe its function, features, benefits, and sales to date:

Jacada pioneered Visual IVR technology which recognizes that voice is still a pivotal part of a customer experience strategy. Visual IVR lets you deliver a personalized and digital experience to your voice callers, enabling a better customer experience with improved self-service. Jacada Visual IVR extends the IVR to more channels than just voice. Whether customers are calling the IVR directly, engaging the company on the website, or in a mobile App, Visual IVR is there to reduce customer’s effort, improve self-service and shorten call times.

The Nominated Product – Jacada Visual IVR:

Visual IVR transforms the Voice IVR into a digital experience, improving self-service by over 10% based on our implementations at Fortune 500 companies globally. Customers struggling with the digital session can seamlessly transition from the digital channel to the agent with full context resulting in significantly reduced handle times.

By pivoting an inbound call to a digital interaction, Jacada Visual IVR allows you to surface all of your digital assets, in a single location, to your voice callers. This dramatically increases the likelihood that your customer will adopt and use your various digital assets to effectively self-service their needs.

Jacada Visual IVR is not another mobile app. Instead, it provides digital engagement on your voice channel, pivoting callers into the digital channel, and leveraging the existing mobile app if the company has one.


One Platform - Jacada Visual IVR offers a single platform that provides multiple ways for a customer to engage on both the digital and assisted service channel.

Personalization -
Develop interactions that utilize personalized, customer specific content. Link to backend databases to show only the information that is most relevant.

HTML5 and Native App –
Visual IVR can be easily embedded in the existing website or web self-service site. With plug-ins for all the major CMS systems plus provided JS Widgets. Visual IVR can render as HTML5 for display on all major smartphone web browsers. Visual IVR does not need a native mobile app installed – ensuring higher customer adoption. For customers who do have an app, Visual IVR is easily embedded thanks to native iOS and Android support.

Merge Digital Assets -
Visual IVR lets the company merge her existing digital assets into a single convenient point of access for voice callers, ensuring customers adopt the digital assets already invested in.


-Channel Pivot Expensive Voice Calls into the Digital Channel
-Visual IVR pivots voice calls into a personalized digital self-service experience resulting in call reduction by at least 10%.
-Collaborative Calls with Digitally Enabled Agents
-Calls are not only shorter, they also become a collaboration between the advisor and the customer. Share relevant documents with the customer during the call, push content such as links, images and documents and if needed, even help the customer fill out a form.

Fast Implementation
Reuse existing voice IVR scripts to be up and running in days. And for those looking to shorten call times even further, our business friendly authoring environment lets the company create new self-service flows, using clicks, not code.

Serious ROI
Thanks to a massive reduction in call volume and shorter call times, A Visual IVR has a ROI of less than a month.


Deploying Visual IVR across Fortune-1000 companies globally have resulted in dramatic results. These include:

Business Results
1. A leading telco in Turkey has enjoyed 70% successful call containment within Visual IVR
2. A Fortune-50 software company is realizing an 11% overall inbound call reduction
3. A leading multinational cable and telecom provider deployed Visual IVR to their website and have achieved a 15% overall inbound call volume reduction

Customer Experience
1. A Fortune-100 health insurer has reported that Visual IVR is their highest performing NPSt self-service channel
2. The Fortune-50 companies surveyed their customers who report an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction.

Sales to Date:

17 large organizations including Fortune 50 Software Company, Humana, Turk Telekom, Singtel and more.