Inci Akü GS Yuasa - Demand Generation Program of the Year



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Company: Inci Akü GS Yuasa, Manisa, Turkey
Entry Submitted By: Extra Loyalty Solutions
Company Description: Inci Akü, leader and one of the most valuable brand of Battery Sector in Turkey, has been established in 1984. Inci Akü joined its strength with Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa’s in October 2015. Inci GS Yuasa is the “export leader” of its sector with exporting to over 80 countries in 4 continents and uses the brands InciAkü, EAS, Hugel in automotive, heavy-duty and marine vehicles industries
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Demand Generation Program of the Year

Nomination Title: Inci GS Yuasa, Increasing Dealer Engagement >> Increasing Sales

Tell the story about your organization's demand generation program since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:


In the Battery Sector, Sales are operated through Dealership Networks where Dealers are the main point of contact with consumers for the battery products.

Main challenges in the sector:

1. Non-exclusive dealership mechanism – Dealers sell competing Brands’ products. Companies get into price wars to beat the competition

2. Dealers are the main consumer touch point for the products and the replacement period is 4 years. Companies cannot reach the consumer data, cannot communicate to trigger promotions, repeat or additional sales.

3. Profit margins are tight. Sales incentive mechanisms are conventional, e.g. Companies provide free batteries to the dealers, take the dealers to Bali, Cuba, Taiwan tours for motivation.

4. Difficulties in providing Guarantee & Road Assistance to consumers due to inaccessibility of consumer data thru dealers

5. %90 of consumers don’t have battery brand preference, hard to differentiate from competition

InciAkü, was seeking to find an innovative solution to;

• Enhance the consumer experience who choose to use InciAkü batteries,
• Increase Dealer Network size, satisfaction and loyalty
• Move away from price wars, Increase profitable sales
• Access to consumers’ data to measure satisfaction, to conduct repeat sales and communicate promotions
• Ensuring sales price consistency between dealers
• Improvement of battery replacement services
• E-Guarantee Services


InciAkü decided to establish a Sales Tracking, Dealer Acquisition and Loyalty Management Program one year ago.

InciAkü, with the help of EXTRA Loyalty Solutions Co. (, created the program called “BIRINCI KART Program” on EXTRA Loyalty infrastructure; on the web based platform with mobile authentication mechanisms, backed-up by a private e-commerce site.

The Program enabled InciAkü;

1- Track each and every individual Battery Sale thru each Dealer
(entry of individual sales on web/mobile by the dealer thus online tracking of sales)

2- Grant product guarantee directly to the consumer for each purchase
(link the consumer with the product ID, upon completion of each sale by the Dealer, inform consumer via mobile about the Product Guarantee)

3- Provide road-assistance directly to the consumer with each product sold

4- Incentivize the Dealers according to their sales performance at the moment of sale
(Performance based bonus system – each Battery sold provides an Ampere Bonus for the Dealer)

5- Provide bonus redemption and cross promotion offers for Dealers over a private e-commerce site. The incentives in the e-commerce site is specially designed for the Dealers “needs and wants”. The incentives cover;

a.Experience items (e.g. ticket to Barcelona-Madrid Football Match)
b.Daily Use items (e.g. internet package, electronics products, beauty products)
c.Priority items (e.g. first row tickets to concerts)

6- Access to online sales performance for each Dealer (better control over stocks and end of life products in dealers)

7- Direct reach to consumers to follow up the product and service satisfaction levels

8- Direct communication to consumers to provide reminder for Battery Change periods as well and generate repeat sales opportunities


• InciAkü, during the first 3 months of the program, activated 25,000 e-guarantee and road assistance service, whereas before the program, the total activation in 19 months was 24,000.

• InciAkü sales grew 16% YoY in 2016 while the sector was growing 5% in real terms.
Dealers got happy and motivated with the personalized incentive system tangibly reflected on their sales.

• InciAkü is recognized in its sector for creating the first and only Loyalty Program linking B2B and B2C Loyalty Mechanics.

• Before the Program, the Dealers were hardly providing any data about the end consumers. Today with BIRINCI Program, dealers are providing consumer data regularly, numbers are increasing over 20% Month on Month.

• InciAkü started to accumulate a very valuable consumer database and using this data for the benefit of the consumers to provide additional related preferential offers such as free car wash, gasoline tickets and discounted spare parts.

InciAkü - will continue developing the Program to provide additional offers and functionalities for better Dealer and Consumer Services Management