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Imparta's Virtual Sales Academy

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Imparta Inc., Austin, TX
Company Description: Imparta is an award-winning training consultancy that improves business performance in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Service, creating sustainable and measureable performance improvement for our clients. The Imparta group is headquartered in the UK and established Imparta Inc in 2012 which now has 4 offices across the States and contributes significantly to global revenue.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Training Product of the Year

Nomination Title: Imparta's Virtual Sales Academy

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"The roll-out of Imparta’s Virtual Sales Academy platform for our sales teams has been a success. The program is incredibly rich and thorough… and the skill building opportunities and simulation technologies have proven innovative, challenging and enjoyable.” Anna Britt, Senior Talent Manger Cisco, Dec 2016

“Working with Imparta has been a great experience. The team is smart, skilled and capable. We have worked together in true partnership, operating as a team to develop incredibly high levels of engagement for the program across our businesses, our leaders and our salespeople.” Linda Tillson, HR Business Partner, Gurit, 2017

· 440% ROI in the first 6 months – Gurit Virtual Sales Academy, 2017
· 80% increase in pipeline value – Gurit Virtual Sales Academy, 2017
· Projected $1m training cost savings within 3 years – Cisco Virtual Sales Academy, 2017

In August 2016 Imparta launched its ground-breaking Virtual Sales Academy (VSA). VSA is an immersive, cloud-based experiential technology platform where salespeople and managers learn, refine and apply their skills. The academy reimagines how sales training is delivered, and significantly raises the bar for online learning.

Face-to-face training is expensive and does not always engage an often largely millennial salesforce. Yet traditional e-learning fails to build real-world skills. Imparta has taken the best of what works in the traditional sales training world; the skill building, the assessments, the importance of manager interaction and coaching, the play on the natural competitive instincts of salespeople; and combined all that with the advantages digital learning offers. 24/7 access, experiential scenarios, simulations, gamification and online social interactions are key to modern training. User feedback has been exceptional and the business impact this new platform has generated for Imparta’s clients is unprecedented for online learning.

The Virtual Sales Academy offers a huge number of commercial benefits including;

· The ability to train a geographically dispersed salesforce
· The opportunity to extend sales training to channel partners
· The ability to provide immediate sales training to new starters, even before their first day
· The effective use of limited sales training budgets
· The use of an innovative blended learning experience to drive ROI
· Establishing a common understanding and client-centric sales language
· The guarantee that managers will coach – learners can’t progress to future modules without taking part in manager-led role-plays
· The ability to monitor learning uptake and usage

The Virtual Sales Academy offers over 50 hours of modular training that can be configured to meet client needs, including full tailoring, branding, measurement and reporting. Additionally Imparta can build completely custom modules for clients who have specific needs.

Academy content covers the three core areas of Interpersonal Skills, Consultative Selling and Negotiation Skills. At the beginning of the academy learners undertake a personal skills assessments that defines a unique learning path for them. Micro-simulations throughout the academy provide practice and direct feedback on core skills. Within each module, gamification taps into the naturally competitive nature of salespeople, encouraging them to focus and perform to the very best of their ability. Virtual role-plays provide managers with structured opportunities to assess and coach their team members, and on-the-job activities ensure the new skills become embedded into how people work. Application tools and social learning provide task-specific support to help salespeople drive leads, win-rate and share of wallet.

The academy’s design reflects the need to continually engage and motivate learners. The variety of learning formats maintains their interest. The interactivity and visual/auditory components appeal to millennial learners, and the modular approach allows busy salespeople to develop their skills in compact, manageable sessions.