Imparta - Sales Training Practice of the Year



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Company: Imparta Inc., Austin, TX
Company Description: Imparta is an award-winning training consultancy that improves business performance in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Service, creating sustainable and measureable performance improvement for our clients. The Imparta group is headquartered in the UK and established Imparta Inc in 2012 which now has 4 offices across the States and contributes significantly to global revenue.
Nomination Category: Solution Provider Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Training Practice of the Year

Nomination Title: Imparta: Sales Training Practice of the Year

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

“Our goals for the sales academy events were to create a sense of engagement, excitement and value for our sales organization. With Imparta's expertise, Lafarge Holcim has been able to achieve these goals and establish the foundation for a strong academy framework moving forward. You bring a wealth of expertise and through a collaborative process have helped to shape the North American Sales Academy project for 2017 and beyond.” Navia Sharma, Director Sales Force Development, Lafarge Holcim

"The roll-out of Imparta’s Virtual Sales Academy platform for our sales teams has been a success. The program is incredibly rich and thorough… and the skill building opportunities and simulation technologies have proven innovative, challenging and enjoyable. We have replaced our existing onboarding program, saved money, provided a solution more in keeping with the Cisco digital commitment, and have emerging evidence that our salespeople are getting up to speed and selling more successfully, quickly and better than before.” Anna Britt, Senior Talent Manger Cisco

Examples of validated return on investment include;
• Intel – 32% market share increase over 2 years equaling nearly $500 million.
• Givaudan – CCV training improved ROI by 1294% with nearly $13 for every $1.
• Celesio – Imparta training resulted in 175% return on investment.
• Antalis - 25% uplift in competence levels within 12 months of academy launch

Imparta believes that its content is more rigorous, practical and effective than anything else you'll find in the marketplace. Industry experts agree. In 2016 we were listed as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies by for the sixth year running, received 4 Stevie Awards for sales excellence, were listed as a Top 20 sales training company by Selling Power, and won gold for the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

Our approach to training is based on a deep understanding of how adults learn, what drives and incentivizes them to do so, and how to create lasting performance improvement that achieves sustainable business results for our clients.

We continually adapt our proposition and training approach to reflect changes in the business climate and the evolving needs of our clients.
In 2016 these accomplishments/innovations have included;

• Engaging Generation Y through the use of advanced technology. Gen Y requires short, sharp, interactive learning interventions that can be accessed when, where and how they want. Imparta has invested significantly in next-gen learning technology including gaming simulations, animations and interactive e- and m-learning. We have also developed our online learning management platform to incorporate support tools, social learning, behavioral assessment reporting, learning development plans and career pathing.

• Customized content with minimal outlay. Imparta has compartmentalized its sales programs into 80 bite-sized modules that cover all aspects of sales and sales management, enabling our clients to create targeted training programs that focus on their specific needs without the need for high customization costs or multiple programs.

• Training large salesforces in a short time-frame; The Virtual Sales Academy (VSA). VSA provides an online, cloud based academy that delivers over 50 hours of high impact sales training across global sales organizations. The modular training covers soft skills, consultative selling skills and negotiation skills and is tailored to each learner’s needs following an upfront skills assessment. The training includes manager interventions, experiential scenarios and simulations, gamification and online social interactions.

• Responding to training budget restrictions. 2016 continued to be a challenging year financially for many L&D departments, and we have worked with clients to help them achieve their training goals within their budget by;
- providing Train the Trainer options – taking program delivery in-house
- taking a 70: 20: 10 approach – moving learning away from the classroom and into the workplace
- offering VSA for virtual training and online synchronous e-learning to reduce T&E
- providing ‘just in time’ learning – we are on call when our clients need immediate interventions for must-win business deals, training their people on an ‘as needed’ basis