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Company: GuideWell Connect, Jacksonville, FL
Company Description: Guidewell Connect is wired differently. We drive value by focusing our marketing, sales, and engagement expertise on every critical phase of the consumer cycle—from acquiring new members, to engaging with individual consumers, all the way through renewal—connecting health plans, health systems, and provider groups in the US with their customers at the right time and in the right channel.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Outbound Marketing Program of the Year

Nomination Title: Your Change Can Make a Change

Tell the story about your organization's outbound marketing program since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

As a health solutions company, it is important we offer end to end solutions throughout the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to engagement to renewal. It is also imperative that we help people and communities achieve better health, especially our customers. In 2016, GuideWell Connect launched their first Engagement Call Center. Our Engagement program includes high-touch phone outreach activities to members to support objectives, including condition management, preventative visits, closing care gaps, self-service and welcome programs. The representatives proactively reach out to members to assist with scheduling comprehensive wellness exams with member’s primary care physicians, in-home risk assessment appointments and appointments to close member’s specific care gaps. We deliver a sustained, personalized outreach that serves to quickly develop rapport and a trusting relationship with customers. We are able to provide proactive support, encouragement and education to customers to improve their well-being and assist them in taking an active role in their health. These activities improve customer satisfaction, promote health, and aids in quality and revenue program management.

Our Engagement team has had great success within their first year and it is not only proven by our campaign results, but also from the positive feedback we receive from our customers. Throughout the year, we completed nearly 325,000 calls and scheduled close to 6,000 provider appointments for our customers. We are able to contact the customer’s physician office and schedule their appointments real time on their behalf, which takes the onus off of our member. Also, we continuously hear positive feedback from our customers. They state that our commitment to educating our members and assisting them in being proactive about their health has been life changing. One customer solely gives us credit for his early detection of prostate cancer. We ran a campaign at the end of the year to ensure customers utilize all of their yearly preventative benefits. Due to us encouraging him to complete his annual wellness exam and scheduling his appointment for him, they were able to diagnose the cancer early. We know that with this proactive member outreach, we will not only improve member’s health, but also increase member satisfaction.

Independently, through random surveys, the positive impact of our Engagement Call Center can be recognized. An internal report, published January 10, 2017, members stated that they had a positive experience and were pleased that we were also about to schedule their preventative screenings for them. They were pleased with our proactive outreach to educate and encourage them to be drive healthy behaviors and improve their health all while improving our own cost structures and profits. The customers who recalled the member engagement call indicated they had their annual checkup as a result of the notification.

• 36% of members that were successfully contacted by the Member engagement team indicated they had their annual check-up as a result of the outreach.
• Of those who schedule a wellness check, 91% felt the preventative visit was valuable.
• Additionally, 96% expressed they will be doing ANOTHER checkup in one year!

These impressive numbers, along with our member’s first hand experiences, tell a story about how member engagement not only encourages customers to be proactive with their health each day, but proves that we are helping people and communities achieve better health.