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Company: GotU, London, United Kingdom
Company Description: GotU, incorporated in February 2016, is an award-winning provider of local Facebook advertising solutions to SMB marketing partners & retail chains worldwide. GotU’s revolutionary end-to-end white-label technology, that includes a sales tool, ad API and fulfillment tool, was awarded the Facebook Innovation Spotlight Award in July 2016, and is currently available in over 16 countries globally.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Marketing Solution – New

Nomination Title: GotU: Delivering real offline results with Facebook ads

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Partnering with business directories and local marketing partners, GotU, incorporated in February 2016, helps retailers and SMBs drive offline results with Facebook ads.

GotU’s revolutionary technology has changed the business directory business in several countries: its revolutionary Facebook ad campaign model, NOT based on traditional online CPC/CPM engagement, uses hyperlocal targeting and optimized reach & frequency within an effective period of time, to guarantee real offline action, like store traffic. GotU is not only a Facebook campaign strategy, it's a complete white-labeled solution supporting sales, creative development and campaign management, delivered through two main platforms: an effective and easy-to-use sales tool for the salesforce and a fulfillment platform for the customer to manage campaigns and review results. Once integrated with GotU’s technology, the business directory or retailer is able to quickly deploy effective personalised Facebook campaigns at scale.


- Innovation: Facebook doesn't offer a pricing model based on guaranteed local reach&frequency of exposure.
- Uniqueness: GotU's solution cannot be compared with any other proposition available in the market.
- Simplicity: GotU’s simple sales tool has proven to be extremely effective in face-to-face sales.
- Guaranteed results: GotU's campaign optimisation technique, guaranteed reach&frequency of exposure in a certain time frame, has proven to generate real store traffic.
- Control: Customers can access the fulfilment tool and easily edit campaign details and review creatives. Possibility to integrate the flow with email and SMS notifications.

The GotU solution was born from people-centric innovation. The technology is based on real needs that both, local SMBs and business directories had. Many SMB marketing partners, including Hibu Spain, were unsuccessful, because their traditional offer based on selling space in the Yellow Pages book was not enough anymore, and they were struggling to sell digital services - partly because the experienced salesforce didn’t have the right tools to demonstrate the benefits and to explain the digital products well enough to conclude a sale. Partly because SMBs didn’t feel comfortable to be investing in digital marketing when they didn’t see the real value of with traditional online engagement, and wanted to see offline results.

With GotU’s hyperlocal campaigns the end-clients have a guarantee of offline results, and they can finally understand & measure their digital investment in a way that makes sense to them. On top of providing a revolutionary technology to meet the clients’ needs and deliver real results, GotU puts an extra effort on sales by training the salesforce and providing a comprehensive sales tool to facilitate the sales process and make explaining the seemingly complicated digital solutions extremely simple. The sales tool allows the salesforce to submit sold campaigns, follow campaign analytics and see when it’s time for a resale. Similarly, the fulfillment tool allows both the client and the campaign team to communicate: approve artwork, and check the on-going campaign stats - all crucial phases in customer retention.

What makes GotU stand out is also the fact that the tools are white-labeled and fully customized to its partners’ branding. The revolutionary advertising technology together with the efficient sales & fulfillment tools allow business directories to finally start selling efficient digital campaigns at scale, in Hibu Spain’s case saving the whole business from inevitable bankruptcy.

GotU’s technology hit a real need and consequently grew fast within the first months after the company was established. Since the beginning of 2016, GotU has launched +50.000 campaigns around the world, thanks to its partners and their salesforce selling the campaigns to local SMBs. Hibu Spain now has 932 salespeople using the tool, and has deployed campaigns for 450 advertisers around Spain.

In July 2016 GotU was selected the winner of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight Award, the annual event that identifies game-changing innovations among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

2016: GotU around the world
Advertisers launched: +50.000
Estimated ad creatives produced: +120.000
Salespeople selling GotU campaigns with the Sales tool: -+27.000
Technology localised in 10 languages