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Future Generali India Insurance Company - Grievance-Management & Beyond

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd., Mumbai, India
Company Description: Future Generali India Insurance is a JV between the Future Group: Game-changers in Indian Retail & Generali Group: Renowned 186 year old Insurer. As a second-generation player in our 11th year, we have 125+ offices, issued 8.2+ million policies, AUM worth Rs. 2,484 crore & settle 180K claims per year. Customers & partners alike recognize us for customer-centricity & fairness in claim-settlement.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year - Financial Services Industries

Nomination Title: Grievance-Management & beyond - Championing the customers’ cause as their advocate to reinforce trust and bring back their smile

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Prelude: A compact and specialized seven-member Grievance-Redressal team, attending to General-Insurance complaints ranging from ants to elephants (each raging in their own-right). While routine-escalations (ants) can be as simple as non-receipt of policy-docket or delayed vehicle-survey, the elephants can be daunting like disputes regarding settlement of major-loss to vehicle or property. Our ‘customer-advocates’ strive to win-back the customers’ trust through ‘accurate investigation’ and ‘fair representation’, leading to reassuring complaint resolution and customer-satisfaction.

Robust & recognized: With focused-efforts since early years of formation, the team established a robust grievance-redressal structure with ISO-10002: 2014 certification and also received appreciation from the insurance-regulator in early 2016 and recognition amongst the Generali-Asia group-companies as a best-practice. While the core-team facilitates the grievance-resolution, the service-structure engages the board to the branch. Customers can register their complaint through Omni-channel modes and receive immediate acknowledgement with detailed Grievance-Redressal procedures and escalation-avenues. The Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) sets to work and calls the customer after detailed-investigation and discussion with the local-owners. For any technical-issues or issues involving point-of-sale dissonance, the respective claim-expert or sales-manager is taken on conference to ensure complete satisfaction with the resolution. Every resolution is then communicated in writing to eliminate ambiguity.

Our resolution TAT of 3.8 days is one of the best (with industry at 10-12 days), while FTR is 94%
The C-Sat for complaint-resolution is at 85%, with a whopping 97% being happy with the GRO interaction

New frontiers: While grievance-redressal functioned quite seamlessly, the team undertook the challenge of creating a cascading effect to improve the company’s overall service through our grievance-handling insights, while maintaining and improving our own service-mechanism.

Improvements within:

To pre-empt routine claim-escalations from turning into grievance, a full-time claim-handler was on- boarded and imparted soft-skills training. As a result, claim settlement escalations were directly transferred or received quick call-back. The immediate and detailed explanation, satisfied the customer as they chose not pursue the grievance-route.

Similarly, routine policy-servicing escalations were tackled with a lean process-improvement and empowerment through specialized-training. Team could now carry out simpler underwriting decisions and policy-changes themselves, rather than depending on branches. While there were initial learning hiccups, the errors reduced in the long-run due to ‘specialized-few’ handling the changes, compared to the earlier ‘widespread-many’ in branches. The time saved was used to close-loop with customers when the promised delivery (e.g. revised policy) happened.

A simple yet important improvisation of escalating severe complaints (like mis-selling) to department-heads at day-zero itself resulted in more focus and faster resolution. In July’16-June’17 compared to previous period:

The complaints reduced by 57%; down to 1.3k complaints per million policies from 3k
De-escalated policy-servicing issues were handled in 1.3 days vs. 3.8 days. The NPS for request management soared to 40 from 4

Cascading Company-wide improvements:

We undertook a detailed RCA (Root Cause analysis) of every complaint to identify improvement opportunities. While system-driven feedback is shared with the respective manager instantly, a detailed quarterly meeting is carried out with department-owners to draw out action plans for customer pain-point mitigation. The CEO himself undertook to review RCA of twenty complaints per week and offered improvement suggestions. Using the complaints and NPS feedback, a total of 15 structural improvement projects and 19 quick-wins were triggered. The changes ranged from something as simple as augmenting the claim workforce at a branch which experienced recurrent complaints of claim-delay to something as comprehensive as the deployment of a comprehensive training-program for 200+ claim-engineers. Truly our GROs spread their wings as customer-advocates as they designed the two-day workshop based on actual recurring complaints to deliver 13 learning-sessions. The claim NPS rose to 29 from 19 with this power-packed enabler.

More recognition: During the year 2017, we won the prestigious Impresa Award for Fair-Business by IICI, and featured in the Journal of Insurance Institute of India as the General Insurer with the best customer-satisfaction post Grievance-Redressal (with < 1% complainants invoking the insurance-ombudsman).