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EXTRA Loyalty Solutions - Incentive, Rewards, or Recognition Provider of the Year

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Company: EXTRA Loyalty Solutions, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: EXTRA Loyalty Solutions Inc. helps its Clients (Retail Chains, Supermarkets and Banks) to stimulate their Sales and Profits and to enrich their Customer Relations. EXTRA provides 360 degrees Loyalty Systems with Technology Infrastructure, Campaign Design, Customer Reach, Fraud Detection, Data Analytics and Loyalty Consultancy Services as a turnkey Solution
Nomination Category: Solution Provider Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Incentive, Rewards, or Recognition Provider of the Year

Nomination Title: GO | New Generation Fuel Stations Loyalty - Increasing Customer Engagement >> Increasing Sales

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Our Client Ipragaz is a leading Energy Company operating in Turkey since 1961. Being recognized as a solid trustworthy Energy Supplier, Ipragaz decided to go into Fuel Retail Sector with GO Fuel & Gas Stations in 2013.


The Fuel & Gas Retail Sector in Turkey is dominated with major international (BP, Shell…) and local players with large networks. Sector is extremely competitive with tight profit margins.

As one of the last players entering into market, Ipragaz GO well understood that to differentiate from competition and to move from the price wars, it must focus on its Individual and Fleet Customers from day one. This would in return increase its repeat sales and help it to become the preferred retail chain in the Sector.


Ipragaz, chose to work with EXTRA Loyalty Solutions to establish the “GO CARD LOYALTY PROGRAM”

EXTRA implemented an “end-to-end” Customer Engagement System for covering all customer transaction and engagement channels to provide personalized offers thus increase targeted sales.

Business and technology backbone of the Solution;

-Full online integration with all the Pump Automation System in the Stations to receive customer and transaction data and conducting personalized campaigns at the moment of filling the tank. Customers use their contactless smart cards or their GSM numbers to get recognized at the Pumps
-Licence plate matching with the prefered fuel type of the customer is implemented to avoid any mistakes at the Pump, increased customer satisfaction
-Flexible campaign mechanics and fraud management implemented as per; customer segment (B2C and B2B), product, location, amount and frequency
-Call Center integration to address customer questions both for transaction details, as well as product and station information services
-Customer Portal implementation where the customer access to his/her transaction details, benefits, bonus history and on-going campaigns
-Integration with a Municipality Card Program in Ankara, to accept their cards at GO Pumps as GO Cards enabled cards
-Station Sales Teams are enrolled in the system with an incentive scheme earning gold coins in return for their new customers efforts
-Automated Customer Satisfaction Survey is triggered for every month’s first-time purchase to each customer via SMS Landing page with 100 points reward
-SAP integration to communicate the product and POS data which enabled customer data enrichment
-Integration with Telecom operators for sending segmented SMS and e-mail campaigns
-Automated station reconciliation system built in this system to ease the day to day reporting and operations loads of the Stations

The Program changed the dynamics of the customer value proposition in the sector which was mainly dominated by price wars and conventional gift catalogue based incentive programs.

  • 133% increase YoY (2016 versus 2017) customer enrollment, 1 new customer in every 5 minutes
  • Average Liter sold per tank is 60% more to GO Card members than the average Liter sold to non-members
  • Over 1500 segment based campaigns implemented per year with 30% response rate in bonus campaings and over 50% response rate in discount based campaigns. These response rates are way above sector.
  • Specialized campaigns are implemented through out the year; such as, “thank you for being a member, membership anniversery”, “Customer birthdays campaigns”, “special days Women’s Day – 8 times bonus”, “your bonuses increase as your frequency increase”, “18 points per liter first 2018 customers everyday in new years week”.
  • Cross campaigns with other retailers such as Burger King, Dry Cleaning, Car Wash and Maintenance companies to provide non-fuel benefits for its loyal members.
  • Besides third party campaigns, GO is using the advantage of being part of Ipragaz by making cross campaigns with its sub-brands such as Prins Conversion Kit, Ipragaz Electric.

Plans in Progress:

EXTRA continues developing the GO CARD Program to provide additional offers and functionalities for better Dealer and Customer Management and Loyalty with its Mobile Technologies and Payment.