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Company: Delta Vacations, Minot, ND
Entry Submitted By: MLT Vacations
Company Description: Delta Vacations, managed by MLT Vacations, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines and one of the largest providers of vacation packages in the United States. Delta Vacations has been in the vacation business for more than 40 years, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA and over 250 employees in an industry-leading Customer Engagement Center (CEC) located in Minot, ND.
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Nomination Sub Category: Contact Center Solution – New

Nomination Title: Delta Vacations Employee Scheduling Management Tool

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Delta Vacations has been in the vacation business for more than 40 years and has over 250 employees in an industry-leading Customer Engagement Center (CEC) located in Minot, ND.

One of the core principles at Delta Vacations is employee engagement – building a great workplace culture and environment. A key element in creating this culture is empowering our employees. The Delta Vacations’ CEC has built a unique, employee-friendly scheduling system that allows for optimal flexibility, while meeting our business needs. All of these tools were designed and developed in-house via a web-application system. Through this home grown technology, we have re-written the rules on call center scheduling and given our employees improved work-life balance, while significantly reducing our labor costs.

Pick Schedules

A unique item we offer is a Pick Schedule. This type of schedule is a great aide to the CEC in staffing difficult shifts such as nights and weekends. In a pick schedule, employees are locked into three fixed eight hour days that generally include a weekend day (i.e. 10: 00-6: 30, Thursday-Saturday). The employee is then responsible for picking the remaining sixteen hours within their workweek. These remaining hours can be scheduled anywhere during regular business hours and are locked in one week out. Employees can use this tool to create a schedule that allows them to watch their child’s baseball game or attend a school program which would normally fall within their regularly scheduled day. If they so choose, an employee even has the option to pick different hours each week of the year.

Shift Trades

Another tool we offer is the Shift Trade application. This system allows employees to trade any part of their shift with another employee. Employees will often utilize their Pick Schedule, along with Shift Trades, to give themselves four to seven days off in a row without using any vacation time. This allows our employees to take frequent advantage of the travel opportunities unique to our industry.


The Self-Trade application tool is available to our employees one week prior to the current week. Staffing needs are analyzed for each half hour interval to determine if we are properly staffed. When an employee is scheduled during an overstaffed interval, they can swap that interval for another in which the CEC is understaffed. This is another way an employee can free up time in their schedule for appointments or other personal errands. In addition to providing scheduling flexibility for the employee, this system greatly enhances our ability to balance staffing in order to meet business demand.

Schedule Modifications

The Schedule Reduction tool provides close-in time off opportunities for employees and cost savings for the business. If call projections allow, schedule reductions will open up within that week, when other tools, such as pick schedules and self-trades, are unavailable. This system allows employees to add additional hours to their schedules when the CEC is understaffed and remove hours from their schedules when the CEC is overstaffed. Removed time is either paid using vacation time or taken as unpaid.

Each of these tools and applications require minimal maintenance and schedules are automatically updated through the system, with no need for management approval. This system is accessible for every employee at any time and from anywhere in the world. Our scheduling system sets us apart from other call centers and empowers our employees to self-manage their time. These tools contribute to the Delta Vacations’ culture by providing optimal work-life balance, resulting in happy, engaged employees. We believe that happy, engaged employees make the difference in providing better customer service and a stronger Delta Vacations brand.