CrunchTime! Information Systems - David Krinitt



Gold Stevie Award Winner 2017, Click to Enter The 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: CrunchTime! Information Systems, Boston, MA
Company Description: CrunchTime! is a global leader in enterprise back office solutions for the restaurant, cruise, and hospitality industries. Incorporated in 1995, our mission is to provide cutting-edge technologies & solutions that help our customers reduce food & beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and better manage the quality and consistency of their foodservice operations.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Back-Office Customer Service Professional of the Year

Nomination Title: David Krinitt Does it All

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

David Krinitt revolutionized the way we train, communicate with, and learn from our clients. What drove him? We run an enterprise software company and our business is growing explosively; David was the guy we challenged to scale up our support efforts. Here’s what he did….

Built a Bridge to our Online Learners

Our online learning system (which David runs) has 13,000+ learners. It’s been tough to communicate with them, because its internal messaging system has substantial limitations, and each of our 130+ clients has their own private section of the LMS. David…

• Taught himself the API of the Learning Management System
• Taught himself Zapier automation software, and set it to automatically pull data from the LMS, like e-mail addresses and completed courses, for all existing AND new users
• Set Zapier to automatically feed the data to a MailChimp e-mail account he created

Now we have a continuously updated mailing database we can use to segment our learners, and e-mail them to offer courses they can take with a single click – no small feat since all 130+ companies we serve have their own unique URL to access the system.

Brought Process to Teaching Processes

As an enterprise software company, we teach our clients processes. David discovered the training tool ACTO App at the ATD Conference, and implemented it immediately. It allows us to have a trainee learn any process by forcing them through a series of learning experiences one after the other. These can be online lessons, reading assignments, quizzes, videos, live practice sessions, or anything else we want them to learn… and we can monitor the completion of any and all of it. We believe it will be a game-changing strategy for teaching people software setup.

Re-released our Release Notes

After re-formatting our release notes from straight word docs to illustrated guides, David implemented the ShareFile app to store and distribute them.
He then implemented Click Meter to send tracking URLs to clients for access to the Notes. They’re perma-links, so if we change the document the link isn’t broken… it just points to the new document, so we never have to send updated links or new docs. The notes are both much more informative, and much easier to get to.

Showed us Uptime
To make sure our clients can get to their release notes and other client-facing docs, David implemented a software robot to check the uptime on all of our associated sites. That makes it easy to see which sites are keeping their promises to us, and to switch to new providers if necessary.

Showed them How
The software we make is involved, and many of our users need reminders about how to do certain things, so David is implementing WalkMe - it’s a cutting edge Help application that guides a user through a process. For example, if a learner can’t remember how to place a vendor order, he clicks “Show me How” and the WalkMe software…
• Displays dialogue boxes overlaid on our application telling the user to “click here” or “enter quantity here”
• Moves to the next step when it sees that the user has completed the instruction
Writing the WalkMe guides and embedding WalkMe in our app is an enormous job, and David is doing it all.

Produced a Music Video!
Finally, when we needed a way to open our User Conference, David took over and directed and edited a music video that brought down the house. If you look closely you’ll see how he digitally removed Justin Timberlake from the Donut shop, and replaced him with our boss! There’s nothing he can’t do.

We challenged David to help us scale up support to our thousands of users… and he nailed it. He’s the 2016 Back Office Employee of the Year.