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Concentrix - Customer Service or Call Center Training Practice of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Concentrix, Fremont, CA
Company Description: A wholly owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), Concentrix is a leader in high-value global business services. It partners with its clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovations, analytics, process optimization, and business improvements.
Nomination Category: Solution Provider Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service or Call Center Training Practice of the Year

Nomination Title: “Best in Class” Starts With “Best in Class” Training

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Our client, “Wheelz,” is a ridesharing service app which has experienced significant growth in the past year. The client has expanded its brand to other geographies and ancillary services which now comprise a significant portion of their revenue. During this major growth phase, our client has also dealt with highly publicized controversies, extensive external scrutiny and internal executive reorganizations. These challenges required a nimble and diligent partner who can move quickly. Concentrix handles social media, customer service and back-office work for the client, including their new ancillary service offering. As our client has expanded to new geographies, we’ve handled the additional languages, local complexity, regulation compliance and training.

Project Wheelz in Concentrix remained number one in customer satisfaction (CSAT) performance across all lines of business and all geographies that we handle in the two years we have supported this client. Through our industry-leading and innovative training, we addressed the need for on-boarding staff quickly, effectively as well as addressed the specific customer experience and concerns relating to recent public negative press.

Training Innovation

Gamification – We research to discover which aspects of our client’s customer service will raise the biggest issues. Using our own system, we rely on gamification to make the material more interesting and easier to retain. We use tools such as videos, scenario roleplay and content focusing on the highest priority issues. These allowed us to train the new staff on the adverse publicity, increasing the knowledge and confidence to handle these calls effectively from day one.

Agents loved the new training format, and had almost a 100% pass rate. As a testament to our training program, we won a Service Excellence Award and a Partnership Award from our client.

Nesting support – During the nesting phase, we provided a richer 1: 5 supervisor to agent ratio. This improved the speed to proficiency of our new hire agents. Our improved training program improved customer satisfaction (CSAT), even during a ramp-up (which usually leads to a decrease in CSAT). We’ve expanded this program across other sites supporting this client.


First Line of Business

Wave 1 - from CSAT of 57% to 82.65%
Wave 2 - from CSAT of 77.85%to 84.69%


Second Line of Business

Wave 1 - from CSAT of 60.70% to 94.89%
Wave 2 - from CSAT of 83.82% to 95.93%

Ongoing Training and Enrichment

Retention program: Our proactive approach to ongoing training includes an algorithm to predict which employees are an attrition risk. The at-risk staff members then have meetings with their direct or second-level supervisor to address issues and discover what is needed to motivate, retain, grow and promote. Attrition at our site dropped by 1% per month, a 20% improvement over past trends.

Growth and Development: We use leadership development training to get staff members ready for promotion. All support positions are filled through postings within the program. In this program, we promoted 63 staff in a span of one year.

Timely Intervention: We use our Automated Alerting Mechanism to Assist Operations and Support Teams (ALTOPS) tool to monitor performance in key metrics. Our team leads and other support staff receive email alerts each time performance dips, allowing us to fix issues immediately.

Idea Sharing: Good ideas come from everywhere.

Through our Innovations Framework, we encourage innovations from our agents and subject matter experts and share them with the client. These recommendations are geared towards customer experience enrichment, agent productivity enhancement and reducing defects.

Recognizing ideas from every source empowers our staff to feel engaged with the client and our company. In addition, the past two years’ 23 process changes implemented resulted in:

-5% increase in CSAT
-Customer complaints dropped from 50% to 21% in a four-week period
-Resolution rates went up from 70% to 90% during the same period.

-Policy related errors dropped from more than 50% to around 20%