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Cathay Life Insurance - Contact Center of the Year

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Company: Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd, Taipei, Taiwan
Company Description: Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1962 and became the first publicly–listed insurance company following its listing in November 1964. Over last years, Cathay Life Insurance has maintained steady growth in revenues, assets, and in-force policies, and it has become the leading brand in the life insurance market in Taiwan.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Contact Center of the Year (Over 100 Seats) - Financial Services Industries

Nomination Title: Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd

Tell the story about what this nominated contact center achieved since the beginning of July 2016 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Cathay Life Insurance's contact center provides top quality service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With more than 200 seats available, we have the largest contact center among all insurance service providers in Taiwan. To satisfy the needs of our different customers, Cathay Life Insurance also offers the most diverse service channels among peers, allowing customers to seek consultation using the telephone, SMS, fax, Internet or other mobile devices.

In order to make sure that each customer fully understands the products, Cathay Life Insurance has made an unprecedented attempt ahead of its peers to assemble a Call Out Team that actively makes calls to all customers who buy new policies., and helped customers understand the terms of the policies they have purchased, as well as make sure the products satisfy their needs.

Cathay Life Insurance's contact center has been improving our services actively, our major achievements accomplished since July 2016 are listed as below.

Introduction of virtual queue system for call in customers

In the past, customers who called the contact center at a busy time were forced wait by the phone because they did not know their place in the queue and were concerned about having to re-join the queue after hanging up, which was an utter inconvenience. Today, Cathay Life Insurance's contact center has made information transparent to customers by disclosing the number of callers in queue and the estimated waiting time via phone, Cathay Life Insurance APP and the portal. This feature enables customers to check on the queue status in real-time and take queue numbers via automated voice or web page and have the system dial them back automatically. This innovation helped raise our service standards closer to customers' expectations, and diversified customers' call time, which saved them the time wasted on waiting and raised overall customer satisfaction.

Execution of service quality improvement program

To further improve the service quality of our customer service staff, Cathay Life Insurance's contact center has organized a series of service quality improvement programs including:

1. Review of internal voice recordings, outsourced mystery shoppers and hosting of customer service contests.
2. Arrangement of customized courses to improve responses and dialog skills of customer service personnel.
3. Introduction of service refinement initiatives, such as case studies, team counseling, customer greetings and service compassion.

Ongoing phone contact

Insurance purchase is not a short-term transaction, which is why Cathay Life Insurance continues to care for each customer after a contract is established. We classify policyholders into different segments and initiate regular contacts with them through methods such as mail or phone, depending on the frequency of their engagement with our Company.

Establishment of customer opinion collection system

Cathay Life Insurance values every opinion of our customers. In August 2017, we implemented a customer opinion management system and made it accessible on the intranet. Whenever a customer raises an opinion at the contact center, the system automatically notifies the relevant department for assessment. All cases are tracked by Cathay Life Insurance's service quality assurance team to make sure that valuable opinions are adopted and implemented within the organization.


High satisfaction towards the contact center
Cathay Life Insurance engages external market surveyors each year to survey customers' satisfaction towards our contact center. The 2016 survey showed more than 90% satisfaction on all aspects (Outbound: 97.5%; Inbound: 91.0%).

Passed ISO 10002 certification
In May 2010, Cathay Life Insurance passed the stringent quality standards of SGS and became the only Taiwanese insurance service provider to be certified for ISO 10002. To ensure the effectiveness of quality management efforts, SGS also conducts rigorous examinations each year to ensure consistency of a company's quality management efforts. As of September 2016, Cathay Life Insurance had received SGS certification of the highest standards for 6 consecutive years.

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