Carbonite's Brett Seidman, Customer Service Leader



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Company: Carbonite, Inc., Lewiston, ME
Company Description: Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB) is a leading provider of hybrid backup (cloud and local) and recovery solutions for home users and businesses. Carbonite offers a comprehensive suite of affordable services for data protection, recovery and anywhere, anytime access.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Leader of the Year

Nomination Title: Brett Siedman - A True Customer Service Leader

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Carbonite Customer Care underwent a transformation when Brett Siedman was hired as Senior Director. Brett made a strategic decision to be extremely employee focused, understanding that the customer is #1 but the most powerful way to the customer is through the agent. Under Brett’s direction at our contact center in Maine, morale quickly rose (employee NPS went from -14 to +40). Brett launched an Employee Satisfaction Council to ensure all agents were represented, a program where agents could get technical help in real time by a high level technician (“CarboKnights”), and instilling the importance of a coordinated effort between QA and Team Managers when delivering coaching (through months of mock coaching). Brett set out further to bring in revenue through Upselling as well as efforts to make his business more efficient, still with the utmost focus on our agents.

In 2015 we started an Upselling pilot. Not only did we increase revenue, but also increased CSAT by ensuring customers were on the right product—CSAT for cases involving an upsell rose to >98% (top 2 box) and has been consistent! This program started as a pilot with $80k the first month, eventually yielding a monthly average of $230k for the remainder of 2015. In 2016, Brett hired a full time manager for the program and on track to do well over $4.5M!

Efficiency—an agent will hit any AHT goal. However, impact to the customer is often negative. Therefore, Brett conducted an effort in 2016 to focus on HELPING agents become more efficient through tool automation, better processes, and call control training to provide a more streamlined experience for the customer. A dedicated PM drove focus groups with agents and all management. Outlying agents were given as much help as necessary (as opposed to getting in trouble). We found dozens of troubleshooting steps that had minimal impact, complex email templates, QA requirements with little value, and MANY needed improvements to our CRM. Results from these efforts yielded a 37% reduction in AHT without any negative impact to CSAT and provided an overall >25% REDUCTION in costs for 2016 along with an increased customer renewal rate!

Ransomware. A worldwide issue, where cyber thieves illegally encrypt data, demanding a “ransom”. Brett led a project to create a tool to fight ransomware using Carbonite’s technology and we deployed to almost 10,000 users, saving customers from paying over $7M in ransom! This recent accomplishment has been extensively written about in the press.

In June, the dedication and morale of Brett’s team really shined. Due to widespread password hacking of other companies, our executives decided to reset passwords for our entire customer-base (>1.5M customers). For several weeks our contact rate was astronomical. What did we notice? The level of team dedication was spectacular! 0% absenteeism—everyone banded together to fight the “queue war” and team spirit shined throughout all of Brett’s agents and managers. This quest for excellence was a sight to behold, proving that focusing ongoing care on one’s people, they will be willing to step up when needed most.

Some other notable accomplishments this year:
• CSAT results continue to be AMAZING—VSAT=85% (top box), OSAT=93% (top 2 box)
• Email Resolution improved, 78% to 92%
• Sales Satisfaction with Support improved, 56% to 93%
• Renewal rate increased by 8 percentage points!
• Won 18 industry awards in 2016

Why should Brett be Customer Service Leader of the Year? Simple. He cares about people—employees as well as customers. People trust him. Brett’s motto has been, “I want my happy agents’ smiles to go right through the phone line to the customer!” And they have. In fact, I have never seen Customer Satisfaction so high—for a highly technical support organization, I doubt any company can beat our numbers! I know a real leader when I encounter one and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Brett Siedman should be Customer Service Leader of the Year.