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Company: Borusan Otomotiv Ithalat ve Dagitim A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Borusan Otomotiv, founded with the partnership between Borusan Holding and Giwa Holding operating in Germany has been the Turkey distributor of BMW. With the addition of BMW Motorrad in 1992, Land Rover in 1998, MINI in 1999 and Jaguar in 2014; the range of Borusan Otomotiv has expanded. Borusan Otomotiv employs 1000 people working in the Dealer and Service organization.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Use of Technology in Customer Service

Nomination Title: "Wow" Effect with Speech Recognition and Analytics - Borusan Otomotiv CIC

Tell the story about how technology has improved your customer service initiatives since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes: TEXT REDACTED FOR PUBLICATION

Borusan Otomotiv is the distributor of the premium brands BMW, MINI, BMW motorcycles and Jaguar Rover in Turkey. Our brands comprise 35% of Turkey’s premium automotive sector. Our target is to ensure the leadership by concentrating on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thus, the CRM vision of Borusan Otomotiv Group is achieving increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability through a personalized customer experience enabled by a simple, fast and omni-channel CRM approach. In line with this vision, Borusan Otomotiv Customer Interaction Center becomes a crucial touch point of the premium customer experience.

Our Center aims to create a “WOW” effect by providing a fast and high quality service above customer expectations. Three fundamental factors required for providing a premium and unforgettable customer experience are:
- Competent and motivated human resources,
- Lean, effective, efficient and human-oriented processes,
- Innovative and competitive technology for understanding the customers.

Technology is our biggest asset in increasing our customer-oriented performance by complementing, supporting and enhancing the other two factors. Thus, in Borusan Otomotiv CIC, our aim is to make a well-integrated use of technology for the continuous improvements in customer service.

“How can we create the WOW effect?”
“How can we customize and personalize our service?”
In order to find the right answers to these questions, we had to listen our customers and understand their needs. However, it was almost impossible to review and analyze the phone calls manually. Furthermore, analysis based on sampling might be misleading. Thus, we decided to use the speech recognition and speech analytics technologies.

Since May 2016, we have been using the sound technologies for the following purposes:
- All calls are evaluated in an error-free and holistic way.
- Sentiment analysis is performed for all the calls.

Contrary to the classical call center listening practices based on sampling, speech analytics technology enables us to transcribe and analyze thousands of calls, immediately, to determine customer insights.
- We analyze the reasons of the received calls.
- We have promoted customized services by analyzing every call on an individual basis.
- We use the words, phrases and themes spoken during the conversations to reveal the trends.
- We compare the effectiveness of our campaigns with previous months and with the campaigns of other brands.

On the other hand with Sentiment analysis, we have the ability uncover emotions and feelings. We continuously work for enhancing customer satisfaction by monitoring the sentiment analysis of both our customers and our representatives.
- We easily detect the emotional state of our customers. This gives us the opportunity improve our human-oriented approach and abilities to better understand our customers.
- We analyze the words spoken out by our customer representatives during the calls. By making gap analysis and evaluating the relative performances, we provide targeted coaching to our agents.

The sound technologies are not being used by our competitors, thus it leads the way in the industry. As we start using these technologies, we have made our processes more customer specific. We have discovered the room of improvements and take actions in order to increase our service level . We have discovered “voice of our customers” and better understood their needs.

The outcomes of our new processes and our long-term expectations are as follows:
- Average performance of our employees has increased by 5%, since we started using speech analytics.
- Customer satisfaction score, which is being measured just after each call, has increased by 11%.
- Furthermore, we expect a significant decrease in our quality measurement costs and also in the costs for the mystery call studies which have been carried out by the independent research firms.

To sum up, speech recognition and speech analytics technologies enable us to have an overall understanding of our customers and provide a premium and personalized customer experience.