ArmadaGlobal - Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year

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Company: ArmadaGlobal, Hunt Valley, MD
Company Description: ArmadaGlobal is an insurance services and healthcare technology business that creates specialty health and benefit products, delivered with its hallmark world-class service excellence. Employers and strategic partners choose ArmadaGlobal’s innovative products and services to drive product differentiation and meet the health and benefit needs of different employee constituent groups.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year - Financial Services Industries

Nomination Title: ArmadaGlobal – More Than a Typical Insurance Company

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

ArmadaGlobal (Armada) has built a reputation for service excellence. Ultimate Health is our insured healthcare reimbursement product that covers the growing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses increasingly burdening families today. Our health advisory product, TopDoc Connect, uses a proprietary physician-patient matching platform to objectively guide members to the specialty care they need. Our products are employer-paid health benefits offered to employees as supplemental benefit products. As such, there is quite a learning curve for our members when their employer first introduces Ultimate Health or TopDoc Connect.

So how do we make sure our members understand and successfully use our products? This is a challenge. It is compounded by the fact that the health insurance industry at large is plagued with the reputation of substandard service and deficient product understanding among consumers. Armada set out to be different. To us, it all begins with a commitment to a reliable, excellent service experience. Our front-line Member Services team carries the weight of our service delivery promise every day. Our service metrics demonstrate that we are meeting our expectations for service excellence every day:

• 15 second ASA (Average Speed to Answer), compared to insurance industry standard of 45 to 60 seconds
• 0.37% abandonment rate, compared to industry standard of 2-3%
• Claims turnaround of <3 days, compared to industry standard of 10-15 days

What makes our Member Service team even more distinctive is our focus on white-glove service over efficiency. Our Member Service team members unceasingly will go the extra mile for our members to make sure every concern is resolved. Whether it takes extra calls, research, or work hours, our team gets it done to take the burden off the member.

We know that for members to be truly satisfied with our products, they need to use them and understand the value of the benefits. In 2015, our Member Services team put in place targeted programs to get members more engaged and increase utilization of our benefits. We installed a new Front-End Coaching Engine program that allows Member Services team members to immediately see service use when a member calls in. They can see whether the member has accessed important convenience features of our product, like their prescription Visa® card, direct deposit or the online claims portal. The Member Service representative can then remind members of these important services and help them get started immediately. In addition, we implemented a proactive education program that includes monthly email campaigns and an online member education webinar series.

This year, we instituted our first customer satisfaction survey to gauge the success of our new initiatives and learn how well we are meeting the expectations of our members. The results:

• We earned a 96% satisfaction rating from our members -- 15 to 25% higher than other types of insurance.
• Our customer retention rates are 92%, surpassing the industry standard of 84%.
• Additionally, we earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +58.4, a full 46 points higher than the health insurance industry average. NPS is a metric that calculates how likely it is that a client would recommend a company or product to a friend or colleague.
• We have received testimonials such as, “Honestly, from day one there is no company that even comes close to Armada in terms of customer service,” and, “The associates I’ve worked with at ArmadaCare are exceptional! It’s like working with the Nordstrom of healthcare providers!”

Since our inception, we made a foundational commitment to making sure our members use and value our services. It’s just one of the ways that we’re not your typical insurance company. We plan to expand and continue our investment in our member engagement initiatives. Our goal is for each member to truly understand, utilize and value the services of their Armada products.