Alder Holdings - National Sales Team of the Year

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Company: Alder Holdings LLC, Orem, UT
Company Description: Alder provides home security, home automation, and life-safety to families nationwide. From the basic security needs like cameras, glass-break detectors, and fire alert systems; to adjusting the temperature, controlling the lights, or seeing who’s at the front door from across the house, or across the country. We’re using smart technology to merge comfort with convenience.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: National Sales Team of the Year

Nomination Title: Alders National Sales Team

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It is no small feat to stand out in a crowd. In an industry over-saturated with competition, it takes an extraordinary company to have the vision to rise above the rest and not only be successful, but outstanding. In 2016, only eight years after its inception Alder, is a top 5 privately-owned residential alarm security company and was just ranked the 10th fastest growing company in Utah. Alders headquarters facility in Orem, UT is home to 179 employees and 480 direct sales individuals throughout the country in 22 states.

This phenomenal growth has been, in part due to our unrivaled residual compensation for our sales team. Adam Schanz the Founder and CEO gives 50% of the revenue and equity back to his sales team that produces the accounts. Yes, you read that correct. Adam Schanz natively a salesman himself came as President of Sales from another home security company, used his own savings to start what is now known as Alder. With no investors and debt, Adam was able to create the residual/equity model that is now the economic engine behind one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Allowing his sales team that are the backbone of Alder’s success to partake of the overall revenue and equity, is as motivating as it could get. This model has not only been to thank for the phenomenal growth of the company by attracting the smartest and best salesman/saleswomen, it incentivizes our sales team to bring only the best customers with the goal of keeping them for a lifetime, but the Alder model is unmatched anywhere.

The proof of Alder’s success and growth is in the numbers. With a very small sales team of 480 compared to all competition, we still manage to out-grow them by miles. Within the industry, the average sales per rep for the year is 60. Our per rep average is 110.

Adam Schanz himself each year goes out and sells with his sales team. This year, he sold 117 accounts in a week. My argument would be, the best sales company in the nation is led by the best salesman in the nation. Alder’s explosive growth over the last two years is indicative of a company that takes customer satisfaction and investing in its employees seriously. Alders model is incredible, unique, and empowering. However, with so much focus on money, it can cause so many problems as well. We have had to shift our focus from trying to recruit and retain based on the money and our model.

Over time and many hours of brainstorming what brings true satisfaction, we’ve come to the conclusion that money is merely a step in the direction of what people truly want and what’s truly motivating; their dreams. Coming to this conclusion has led us to roll out new branding and a new initiative with our sales force called “IT.” IT is your purpose defined. We work with our sales team with workshops, and all sorts of exercises to help them to understand what their dreams are, and we set goals and objectives to accomplish on their path to achieving “IT.” We hope to win this sales team award and believe that our sales team deserves it.