Ulysses Learning - Customer Service or Call Center Training Practice of the Year

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Company: Ulysses Learning, New York, NY
Company Description: Contact centers achieve profound business results with Ulysses Learnings’ blend of patented simulation-based e-learning, facilitated exercises, coaching, and tools. This redefines how customers are cared for and transforms customer service, sales, and coaching cultures. Ulysses has the only training proven to build Judgment@WorkTM skills confidently, consistently, and expertly on every call.
Nomination Category: Solution Provider Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service or Call Center Training Practice of the Year

Nomination Title: Ulysses Learning

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Ulysses Learning is thrilled that our clients consistently achieve their targeted business outcomes. Our leading-edge solutions help build the expertise and confidence of contact center teams through the development of decision making and advanced conversation skills which inspire and excite representatives, engage and support leaders, and impress and delight customers, helping customers feel respected and cared for. And we are humbled by the positive client feedback and recent industry recognition we have received (2016 Best Vendor Customer Solution Award to the vendor who has the most unsolicited recognition from clients).

Our clients’ success motivates us to continue to raise the bar in providing unsurpassed training and ongoing performance improvement solutions for contact center customer service, sales and coaching professionals. In 2016, Ulysses Learnings’ recent enhancements culminated in the release of the next generation of ServiceMentor©, featuring our newly patented simulation-based e-Learning software which builds emotional intelligence, bolstered by an innovative web-based coaching support system and truly revolutionary (and fun!) online, interactive game-based SkillBuilder™ tool.

Ulysses’ Patent (US 8,571,910 B2) = Our Client Advantage. Many are surprised to learn that Ulysses was the first in the world to create and recently receive a patent for our “Overlay Modeling” software system. The system transformed the way computer-based training is developed and has been cited by Microsoft, IBM, and Reuters as being foundational to the development of several of their own innovative software products.

While other e-Learning products are built using more predictive or contrived modeling, Ulysses’ software continually adds or “overlays” real-life responses representatives provide while going through the training simulations. The software, in this sense, is not static, but lives and is further enriched with each interaction. This is one reason why Ulysses’ clients report that our training delivers more realistic and meaningful learning experiences that produce desired results in a shorter period of time such as:

• Escalated calls reduced by a minimum of 27% (One of our clients just reported escalated calls decreased from 38 per supervisor to 4!)
• Increased customer satisfaction by 21%
• Decreased call backs by 25%
• Improved average handle time up to 10 seconds or more
• Improved first call resolution up to 22%

Proven to Raise Human Emotional Intelligence. For decades, scientists have differentiated “EQ”
or Emotional Intelligence from other forms of intelligence and credit EQ as being absolutely essential for those critical skills needed to perform well in any endeavor where people work with people. Ulysses Learning takes EQ seriously and puts it at the center of its learning content. We are known for building emotional intelligence skills in contact center representatives and their coaches so they can confidently, consistently and expertly apply Judgment@Work™ in every interaction. Ulysses’ EQ- building solutions:

* Improve a representative’s ability to defuse emotion and take control of the conversation with the customer
• Provide techniques so representatives can more easily understand customer needs and identify proper solutions
• Build the necessary behavioral skills so that representatives conduct more customer-focused conversations resulting in customers feeling more respected, cared for and satisfied

Coaching Made Easy. Ulysses has added the CoachingMentor© AIM Tracking database to its CoachingMentor blended training experience (which also features simulation-based e-Learning, facilitated exercises, master coach calibration and shadowing sessions, and certification components). This database answers the need for a simplified and time-saving tool that compiles coaching logs for each representative and provides rollup reports for analyzing coaching effectiveness.

SkillBuilderTM Tool – A New, Online “Game” To Reinforce Training…and More. Representatives tell us that SkillBuilder is a fun, engaging way to practice customer service skills online and receive immediate reinforcement of the 8-Step Call Strategy learned in ServiceMentor. Coaches also love that it allows them to create their own examples which help target specific areas or call scenarios where agents may be struggling.

Ulysses Learning was founded in 1995 as a joint venture with Northwestern University’s Learning Sciences department.