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Company: Imparta Inc., Austin, TX
Company Description: Imparta is an award-winning training consultancy that improves business performance in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Service, creating sustainable and measureable performance improvement for our clients. The Imparta group is headquartered in the UK and established Imparta Inc in 2012 which now has 4 offices across the States and contributes significantly to global revenue.
Nomination Category: Solution Provider Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Consulting Practice of the Year

Nomination Title: Imparta: Sales Consulting Practice of the Year

Tell the story about what this nominated organization has achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

“Our goals for the sales academy events were to create a sense of engagement, excitement and value for our sales organization. With Imparta's expertise, Lafarge Holcim has been able to achieve these goals and establish the foundation for a strong academy framework moving forward. You bring a wealth of expertise and through a collaborative process have helped to shape the North American Sales Academy project for 2017 and beyond.” Navia Sharma, Director Sales Force Development, Lafarge Holcim

Examples of validated return on investment include;
• Intel – 32% market share increase over 2 years equaling nearly $500 million.
• Givaudan – CCV training improved return on investment by 1294% with nearly $13 for every $1.
• Celesio – Imparta training resulted in 175% return on investment.
• Antalis - 25% uplift in competence levels within 12 months of academy launch.

More than simply a training provider, Imparta provides a suite of consulting services designed to achieve and sustain significant sales performance improvement for its clients. The company provides in-depth consultancy, training and change management to ensure that all performance improvement interventions are robustly scoped, aligned, implemented, reinforced and measured.

Imparta’s consultancy model, the ‘Capability Building System’ (CBS), accommodates a pick and mix approach to suit the size of the client organization, their budget and their specific needs.

In brief, the 5 elements of Imparta’s CBS consulting model are;

Connect – Tune in to the organization, connect with key stakeholders, develop a vision for change and test it with those who will be effected. Elements include;

• Scoping –clarifying and prioritizing business goals, linking them to organizational and team KPIs
• Leadership visioning sessions – establishing a common understanding of what good looks like Focus groups – exploring the gap between the wider vision for the organization and where it is now
• Customer and colleague insight – ensuring that plans to deliver on the vision are based on full external and internal perspective
• Stakeholder analysis – mapping and strategizing around the main groups and individuals that will affect success
• Cultural assessment – using focus groups, surveys, interactive media and observations to create heat-maps, blueprints and benchmarks
Engage – Benchmark skills and engage the organization around the business and operational goals that have been set. Elements include;
• Alignment sessions – involving key stakeholders to ensure all necessary systems, processes and people are aligned
• Competency model design – providing a blueprint for success by describing the specific, observable behaviors that make someone excellent in a role.
• Sales capability assessments – comparing observed behaviors of an individual to the competency framework allowing clients to benchmark their teams, track progress and identify top talent Psychometric assessments – providing insight into what drives the individuals
• Champion selection and engagement – identifying and developing individuals who can inspire, influence, coach and teach their colleagues, acting as change agents
• Communications planning and implementation – taking people on a journey from awareness, through understanding to commitment

Develop – Develop skills through customized instructor-led workshops, e-learning, m-learning, webinars, next-generation gaming simulations, on-the-job tasks and bite-sized learning campaigns.

Stick – Make sure the new skills, behaviors and attitudes stick through a combination of coaching, reinforcement and application tools. Includes manager coaching, peer-to-peer coaching, deal clinics, account breakthrough sessions, social learning.

Measure – Imparta has a dedicated Client Impact team that tracks, analyses and measures the impact of any performance improvement intervention. Includes reactions, learning, behavior change and business impact.
Adjacent to performance improvement consulting, Imparta regularly engages with its clients to assist them in designing and implementing;

• Sales recruitment practices
• Sales onboarding processes
• Sales process mapping (including CRM integration)
• Career mapping and succession planning.

Imparta’s Senior Consultants offer intimate sales strategy sessions for senior sales leaders and executive teams, providing them with the expertise and support needed to design and implement, or reassess and adapt, their sales strategies in order to ensure they are set up for success.