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Company: Revana, a TeleTech Company
Company Description: Revana, a TeleTech company, is a leading provider of analytics-driven, technology-enabled sales and customer experience business solutions. Our award-winning search to sales platform combines digital marketing with chat and voice sales expertise to drive results. For over 20 years Revana has helped top brands navigate and profit from change.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Telesales Team of the Year

Nomination Title: Analytics + Sales Best Practices = Outstanding Telesales Performance

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The tremendous partnership between and Revana delivered $1.4B in annual revenue by strong synergy between Marketing and Sales. Not only did Revana meet and exceed the revenue goal, we achieved presales revenue targets for seven consecutive quarters. Because of our performance results, we have earned additional business from so that we now manage 14 lines of business for this award winning multi-national courier delivery services and logistics company.

This synergy is based on uncovering untapped revenue potential for 2.4 million small business accounts. By providing sales with the optimal accounts to penetrate from this pool of 2.4 million accounts, Revana increased account spend 540%. Using RAMP (Revana Analytic Multichannel Platform) and enhanced analytics, predictive modeling and data augmentation, we delivered 308,000 accounts with a high propensity to purchase based on several key attributes in the logistic industry. The per account spend increased $72.

The 308,000 modeled accounts showed an average lift of 53% compared to an average lift of 1.4% for non-contacted accounts. This transformation in the call cycle – from reps calling randomly to a strategic call cycle by targeting accounts (RAMP) with the highest propensity to purchase allowed us to reach a 40% increase in call efficiency because of a reduction in effort/dials to reach a decision maker and activate the account. Sales implemented a call velocity model that resulted in 753,000 touches. This was crowned by supporting the the website with new campaigns such as the ‘Small Business Center’/‘E-Commerce’ teams and Presales CHAT that cater to Small Business customers that request a consultation with a Sales Rep via e-form and an exclusive Chat Landing page The small business consults resulting from these leads activated revenue at a 40% rate and the new Chat feature is a ground-breaking initiative that opens the ‘omnichannel’ solution in the client’s sales organization for the first time.

In addition to the technology platform and analytics, it was important to develop an executable environment that furthered this transformation in telesales. It was critical to utilize sales best practice differentiators for A ‘Sales Resolution Team’ was founded to remove ‘non- revenue generating’ activities from the sales floor. Compensation levers were re-aligned that mirrored the client revenue goals for the new fiscal year to both the rep and manager level. The ‘Circle Coaching’ method was executed along with the Revana proprietary ‘Empower’ tool that promoted continuous and consistent coaching. Coaching was then monitored using a tool that allowed a two-way street between the Coach and rep. This well-designed coaching program is built on the understanding that a well-monitored sales agent is just as important as a well-coached agent. Knowing that a key component of any telesales operation is management/leadership, we also focused on Leadership Development: All program leaders achieved 100% completion of the ‘Sales Leadership 101’ Courses. Senior Managers conducted regular ‘Coaching Triads’ that involved observing a live coaching session between a coach and a rep to provide feedback and reinforce the company values as well as the aforementioned proven coaching methods.

The Revana and relationship began May 2012 when we launched our first line of business with them. We launched with 50 presales associates in Phoenix, AZ. Because of the success we have had with programs, they have now entrusted us with 14 lines of business and increased our full time employee count to 310. The telesales results achieved in 2016 as well as innovations to drive performance improvements strengthens our five year relationship with. The marketing and analytics utilized in 2016 were also key in building the synergies needed to realize the $1.4 B annual revenue goal. The pain-point driven analytics provided actionable insights that improved call efficiencies 40%, increased per account spending $72 and a 540% increase in account spend for …a winning formula for outstanding telesales results.