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Company: j2 Global, Inc.
Company Description: Campaigner is a robust email marketing solution built by marketers to help small, medium and large businesses strengthen customer relationships and drive sales. Features include professional email campaign creation, industry-leading A/B split testing, advanced list management, segmentation tools, targeted email autoresponders and workflows, powerful API and CRM integration, and detailed reports.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Individual Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Operations Professional of the Year

Nomination Title: Seamas Egan, Associate Director, Campaigner Email Marketing

Tell the story about what this nominee achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Campaigner® email marketing is one of the original Email Service Providers and founders of the Email Sender & Provider Coalition. After years of steady growth as a startup the company was acquired by Protus IP solutions who repurposed the enterprise software for the SMB market.

Seamas Egan, Associate Director, Revenue Operations, heads a team of eight seasoned sales representatives at Campaigner and was faced with the challenge of steadily declining revenues. Under the years of Protus ownership, Campaigner’s revenues declined year-over-year as they targeted a high touch low revenue customer. The Campaigner brand needed to pivot back up-market to the mid-market and enterprise clients that had been responsible for their original success.

To meet this challenge, Seamas directed the Campaigner sales team to work hand-in-hand with the business intelligence team and marketing teams at parent company, j2 Global® Inc., mining Campaigner’s historic billing data. Together, they discovered that Campaigner’s most profitable customers were, historically, not the customers they were currently targeting through sales and marketing efforts. The current target market was producing a negative return on the marketing investment.

Seamas led a concerted company wide effort which resulted in a successful pivot up-market to support larger dollar value customers that required more support and supportive features and functionality in the Campaigner platform. Seamas directed the sales team to drive the feature development through prospect interaction; driving the Campaigner brand back to the forefront of the email marketing space.

The Campaigner sales team took Seamas’ lead and reacted rapidly to the pivot, however, they were trailed by product and marketing which both took time to build the functionality and re-brand to meet the demands of this new enterprise market. Ultimately, the revenue, market and image challenges were met when all departments rallied together by doubling pricing, quickly scaling product features, developing a new upscale, interactive and mobile responsive website, and, although it took time and persistence, successfully rebranding Campaigner from a small business email marketing platform to a fully-featured, enterprise email marketing solution.

Seamas spearheaded the success which was demonstrated by the fact that Campaigner went from a SMB market focus in 2010/2011 with respective yearly revenues of $7,767,000/$8,917,000 to a corporate/enterprise focus beginning in 2012 with revenues at $9,808,000. These revenues slowly grew to $10,375,000 in 2012, $10,375,000 in 2013, and $12,301,000 in 2014.

Seamas teamed up with the marketing team to ensure that brand awareness broke through to the targeted corporate audience and worked closely with the product team to develop features that finally met the needs of the market, enabling his very active sales team to kick into high gear to nearly triple revenue from 2010 and hit an unexpected high of $21,460,000 in 2015. Campaigner has continued its year-over-year growth hitting total sales of $27,441,000 in 2016.

The ARPA of new accounts signed up under Seamas’ leadership for Campaigner has grown year-over-year through the a committed, diverse and rapidly growing sales team and ARPA of the existing account base under his guidance has grown year-over-year through the ongoing support of Campaigner Client Success and Account Management teams, which are also under his direct management. Most impressive throughout this organizational growth under Seamas’ leadership has been the division’s ability to increase cash flow through to the bottom by increasing top line revenue per full time employee year over year.

Seamas is an experienced technology leader in the SAAS space. Known for his strategic vision and his operational excellence, he has a proven track record of delivering results. Having worked in sales, marketing, operations and corporate development, Seamas has a wealth of knowledge in running and growing business through fundamental business principles and out of the box thinking.

Seamas is a thought leader in eCommerce and is particularly versed in Digital Media and Email Marketing. He is also a regular contributing author to Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, MarTech Advisor, Business2Community, and other leading industry publications.