Totango - Relationship Management Solution – New Version

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Company: Totango, San Mateo, CA
Company Description: Totango is the leader in customer success management for SaaS businesses. Totango helps companies improve customer health, boost revenue, and manage their customer success operations.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Relationship Management Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: Totango's Enterprise Edition

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From Microsoft to Apple, enterprise businesses are flocking to a recurring-revenue subscription model. With this shift, the focus of many organizations is still on the acquisition stage of the funnel. But with the right enterprise customer success programs, these businesses can dramatically increase their success with the ability to bring products to market faster while continuing to grow existing revenue.

To support businesses need to manage and improve customer success, Totango launched their Enterprise Edition in March 2016. The Enterprise Edition, a new version of the proven Totango Customer Success Management platform, is designed to support companies with complex organizational hierarchies of data. The three primary use-cases for enterprise businesses using this version are:

- Account Hierarchies: Understanding parent-child relationships, including business units, subsidiaries, locations, etc.
- Multiple Products: Specifying a detailed itemization of products and their adoption for a complete understanding of the end user-product relationship.
- Channel Partners: Identifying which products belong to partners and networks of independent agents or dealers, and understanding their value proposition for better upsell and cross-sell.

Enterprise Edition provides visibility into a company’s extended enterprise, across multiple teams, divisions, and subsidiaries, with multiple products. This unprecedented visibility allows the company to understand the health of each unit of their business and maximize functional productivity across the organization.

Due to technical limitations, most subscription-based companies are only able to see a top-level view of their accounts. When a company has a more complex business structure, such as parent-child account relationships or multi-product portfolios, a top-level view can’t provide a holistic understanding of their complex business. Any company with such a structure, or one that is growing in size, product lines, business units, locations, or channels, needs more granular detail into each of its account relationships, products, and channels.

Using the Totango Enterprise Edition, companies can visualize customer relationships across numerous relationship hierarchies and effectively build and sell multiple products to customers with the correct value proposition for each product. With an understanding of the health of each unit in a hierarchy, organizations can build the right customer success processes for different teams or divisions of an account or product. With the ability to track adoption and success of individual products, and through proactive influence and engagement, customer success teams can drive positive business outcomes, ultimately ensuring renewals and upsell revenue.

A major feature of Totango is the ability to create customized health scores, based on the business needs of each customer. With Enterprise Edition, organizations can configure different health formulas for each product, enabling a product-specific understanding of the state of each account.

Organizations can use the transparency provided by Enterprise Edition to automate customer success best practices and communications at all levels of customer interactions, and then analyze the customer success of the entire supply chain. Businesses can also supplement and optimize CRM data with Enterprise Edition, with easy integrations with CRMs for a better understanding of customers that drives further customer success.

Organizations effectively use the Enterprise Edition to gain unfettered visibility into all layers of their business, allowing in-depth analysis to discover trends by account, product, and user level. This data informs all levels of customer interactions, as well as allowing them to automate customer success best practices and communications. Visibility extends all the way to management, who can see up-to-date information on the company’s accounts, products, hierarchies, and channel partner’s accounts.