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Company: Seismic, San Diego, CA
Company Description: Seismic’s leading sales enablement solution allows marketing teams to personalize content at scale and equips large sales teams with the right content for every interaction, dramatically improving time spent selling and win rates.
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Nomination Title: Seismic WorkSpace

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Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution that allows marketing teams to personalize content at scale and equips large sales teams with the right content for every interaction, dramatically improving time spent selling and win rates.

In April 2016, Seismic announced the launch of WorkSpace. WorkSpace is a virtual forum where sales teams collectively gather and store relevant content from both inside and outside their Seismic account, fine-tune and annotate presentation materials, and share and access content on any device, online or offline. Content collaboration features include the ability for sales teams to review and provide feedback on content via annotated comments and content mark-up. Additionally, WorkSpace offers video annotation, allowing teams to provide frame-by-frame commentary, audio feedback, and presentation coaching.

With WorkSpace, Seismic’s capabilities now span the entire content lifecycle. Marketing teams have been able to use Seismic to leverage next-generation automation and data intelligence to organize, create, and distribute content for maximum efficiency and scalability while also allowing self-service customization for sales reps. WorkSpace bolsters these capabilities via robust content collaboration and management, allowing sales reps to come together and use their collective knowledge to create perfectly tailored content—that is always on-message and compliant—for important sales interactions.

Using Seismic’s LiveSend functionality, content that has been finalized in WorkSpace can be sent directly to the client, and sales reps are able to see when the client has engaged with the content, for how long, and whether he or she shared the content with others, informing future conversations and interactions with the buyer.

WorkSpace also closes the content-creation loop, as marketers now also have unprecedented insight into how advisors engage with and personalize content originated by marketing, allowing marketing to make more educated iterations to content going forward.

Seismic’s growing set of sales enablement features continues to produce significant, quantifiable results for customers. A May 2016 study conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of Seismic and based on interviews with four Seismic clients, found a 578% return on investment for enterprises that deploy Seismic. The study also projects a three-year benefit of more than $24 million for a representative enterprise (a team of 1,000 sales reps and 50 marketers). Specific gains include an 85% increase in productivity in time spent finding and developing materials among sales teams, a 15% revenue gain in cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and an additional 15% revenue gain in new business revenue due to better prospect touchpoints. Finally, marketing teams experience a 30% increase in productivity from developing and managing sales materials.

Regarding individual customer accomplishments, examples include a major financial services firm, which was able to decrease the amount of time it took creating quarterly reports by 98% using Seismic’s LiveDoc technology. Seismic also allowed their relationship managers to access content from any device at any time, optimizing client interactions. The Seismic mobile/content deployment was so successful that it won a Gramercy Strategy Award for best mobile marketing strategy.

A few other client-specific success stories include:

A large insurance technology provider is saving 100 collective work-hours per week that reps once spent finding and creating content. Annual savings total more than $340,000 across their sales and marketing teams.

One major network services provider generates prospect pricing proposals, which involved manually transferring pricing from Microsoft Excel into Word docs which were then bounced around between engineering and sales for customization. Seismic reduced proposal generation time by 400 percent, from eight hours down to 20 minutes. After implementing a sales enablement strategy with Seismic’s solution at the helm, a construction management software provider saw their closing sales team grow from six to 35 from March 2015 through January 2016. The company also added a new position in marketing—senior director of content strategy—to oversee Seismic content from a marketing standpoint, aligning marketing and sales in a way most organizations with long-standing sales teams would be envious of.