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Company: ClearSlide, San Francisco, CA
Entry Submitted By: SSPR
Company Description: ClearSlide offers the most complete and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and actionable insights to improve business results. Customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger content ROI.
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Automation Solution – New Version

Nomination Title: ClearSlide's ION Release Delivers Next-Generation Platform

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A recent report from leading analyst firm Aragon Research, Digitize the Sales Force: Leverage Sales Engagement Platforms to Gain a Competitive Advantage, predicts that the market for Sales Engagement Platforms will grow to $5 billion over the next five years. This growth is fueled by demands from sales and marketing teams to better communicate and engage with customers through an integrated, easy to use platform – one that enables sharing high-impact content, delivers insights for what to do next, and integrates with and auto-logs data to CRM.

Organizations have been challenged with transforming the traditional sales process – which tends to focus on tracking and measuring sales rep activity as a way to increase efficiency. There are hundreds of sales enablement tools available, but most only address a small part of the selling process. Despite increasing investments in technology, only 40%-50% of all sales reps achieve annual quota plan, and at least 50% of all pipeline deals never close.

ClearSlide offers the most complete, intuitive, and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and engagement analytics. Engagement analytics provide actionable insights on how customers are actually responding to content across channels – whether it’s email, online or in-person meetings, web, or social. ClearSlide released a number of enhancements over the last 12 months, but its recent ION Release delivers a next-generation platform. ClearSlide’s ION Release allows Sales Leaders, Marketing and Sales Enablement teams, and Sales and Service Reps to move beyond activity tracking to create dynamic, two-way engagement with buyers.

• Sales Leaders can manage opportunities, entire teams, and individual sales reps using insights from actual customer engagement data. Dashboards and reports replace intuition and gut feel, giving leaders actionable insight about at-risk deals and coaching opportunities — enabling more accurate forecasting and more effective prioritization of customers and accounts. Specifically:

- “Engagement Quadrant Dashboards” within ClearSlide for Salesforce deliver a visual representation of the likelihood of deals closing based on real-time engagement data from ClearSlide and velocity by stage.
- Team and customer dashboards rank sales rep performance based on customer engagement metrics, enabling real-time, metric based coaching.
- Account-based engagement history dashboards summarize all company-to-customer interactions, so sales and service share a holistic view of the customer lifecycle and “next steps” in the customer journey.

• Marketing and Sales Enablement teams can recommend content and tools to ensure that users only see the relevant content for them in their personalized “For You” experience. Teams can designate approved content – including presentations, slides, videos, and email templates – that can be recommended by sales stage, customer-facing role, and industry. Video and email template libraries enable marketing and sales teams to quickly rollout campaigns and content, while group-based permissions map content directly to each team’s selling process — ensuring sales reps always have the right content and tools at every point in the sales cycle.

• Sales and Service reps have access to new “My ClearSlide” control center that puts content, communications, and analytics at their fingertips — enabling them to response to respond to customers in context with hyper-personalized messages and content based on real-time insights. Activity Insight Cards monitor real-time engagement, identifying what content and emails are most effective and guiding reps to the next step in the sales process.

ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger customer-facing messaging. ClearSlide customers report at least 10%-20% increase in closed deals, 25% decrease in time to on-board new reps, and 50%-80% reduction in selling costs. Many customers use ClearSlide across their entire organization for both internal and external use. For example, Comcast has reduced sales cycles by 65% and the Sacramento Kings increased close rates by 3x. These results make Sales Engagement Platforms a critical investment for every modern sales, marketing, and service team.