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Company: Wilson Learning, Minneapolis, MN
Company Description: Wilson Learning is a global leader in building world-class sales organizations with the strategies, skills & processes to increase revenue, grow margins & avert the competition. Our unique blend of proven content combined with advanced delivery technology & implementation expertise ensures sustainable, measurable results. We deliver high- impact solutions for clients in 50 countries & 30 languages.
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Nomination Sub Category: Sales Training Product of the Year

Nomination Title: Wilson Learning's Coaching the Counselor Salesperson

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Research shows that as managers’ coaching skills advance, the performance of their salespeople increases by up to 43%.*

This was further verified when we asked a select group of sales executives what action is most important to improve sales performance—88% answered “making sales managers more effective.” When asked what manager skill is most critical, 91% answered “coaching and providing feedback to salespeople.”**

Wilson Learning developed Coaching the Counselor Salesperson to address this need. This workshop, combined with extensive support and sustainment tools, helps sales leaders understand their role as a coach and how their efforts impact performance. It provides the skills and understanding leaders need to coach their salespeople and improve their sales team’s performance. The following powerful tools are included.

• An online portal for sales managers offers extensive resources and tools that are accessible at any time online.

• The Manager Coaching Playbook (available in hard copy and as part of the online portal) is an interactive playbook. It provides coaching guides with activities to help salespeople incorporate critical sales skills into their day-to-day work. The Coaching Playbook also contains best practice meeting guides to support individual and team coaching, as well as coaching planners to help sales managers create coaching implementation plans, sales coaching priorities plans, and coaching personal development plans.

• An award-winning, technology-based extended learning system offers pre-work, reinforcement, and application tools and resources that are pushed out to the sales manager.

From our extensive research on the importance of coaching skills, we know that sales managers trained in coaching skills can improve performance of their salespeople by 18%. However, when sales managers received training in coaching skills and in the sales training content their salespeople received, performance of their salespeople increased significantly—by 43%. With this understanding, Wilson Learning developed Coaching the Counselor Salesperson to encompass critical coaching skills and reinforce the content of our program The Counselor Salesperson, a program that has helped companies around the globe increase their sales by millions of dollars.

As Coaching the Counselor Salesperson is new, there are limited results to share; however, it is becoming a key component for clients focused on increasing the performance of their sales teams. For example, a global power generation technologies company sought to improve its sales performance through a problem-solving approach that addresses customers’ business issues and enhances relationships. As part of the implementation, the company used components of Coaching the Counselor Salesperson in their efforts. As a result, participants attributed more than $33.5 million in sales to the skills they learned and the coaching they received from their sales managers.

An earlier version of the program was also used by a major distributor and marketer of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products and supplies; the company achieved a 40% improvement in sales effectiveness by implementing a uniform practice of sales management coaching to a diverse national salesforce. By quickly demonstrating initial performance improvements, the salesforce increasingly recognized the value and effectiveness of working closely with sales management.

Coaching the Counselor Salesperson is now key to a number of initiatives when it is combined with The Counselor Salesperson program.

Coaching the Counselor Salesperson is a highly integrated solution that impacts all those involved in the sales process/sales managers, sales professionals, and sales support staff/and provides them with new skills to drive superior sales results.

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