MTM - Customer Service Training Team of the Year

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Company: MTM, Lake St. Louis, MO
Company Description: MTM is one of the nation’s most experienced, established and qualified non-emergency medical transportation brokers. Leveraging our resources and experience, MTM offers a spectrum of healthcare and public transit services that help our clients align incentives, reduce costs, and increase member and passenger satisfaction.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Customer Service Training Team of the Year

Nomination Title: MTM's Dedicated Customer Service Training Team

Tell the story about what this nominated team achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

MTM’s customer service training team is comprised of 67 training professionals nationwide, who are dedicated to customer service training. This team is responsible for identifying and developing curriculum for all training, overseeing our learning management system and facilitating training company-wide for more than 1,500 employees and external stakeholders. To remain current with industry changes we provide ongoing refresher training for health plan updates, operating procedures, soft skill development and diverse customer interactions. Because of our customer service training, we increased our customer service quality score to 97.3%, which has led to an increase in customer contracts, resulting in an increase of company revenue of $58 million, 13% over last year.

Through the use of instructor-led classroom training, web-based self-study, and individualized learning plans, MTM Training closely monitors employee satisfaction and engagement, key performance indicators, and company-wide goals. To meet these needs, we employ advanced adult learning techniques:

• The problem-centric approach
• Gamification
• Hands-on learning
• Role-play activities
• Job-shadowing
• Assessments

Our collaborative methods allow MTM Training to align goals with those of the company, significantly decreasing attrition, increasing quality scores, boosting employee engagement, and increasing company profitability.

We focus on increasing revenue through impactful customer service training. In August of 2015, we revamped New Hire Orientation to fully immerse new employees in the culture of MTM and customer service. The renewed focus on our member (customer) base allowed employees to personally engage with our mission through real life scenarios. Our improved training program continues with a four week training class, which is instructor led. Training consists of quality assurance guidelines, contract requirements, and technical training that blends customer service techniques into every module. Diversity and sensitivity awareness is critical to the success of our customer service and has been incorporated into every training module at MTM throughout 2015. MTM Training is dedicated to providing engaging modules that inspire all types of learners which increases the knowledge transfer. We closely monitor the retention of training through in depth analysis, reporting and assessments.

MTM Training expanded in 2015 to include an additional 30 team members through expansion and company-wide reorganization. The result is that we have successfully integrated more departments into our training initiatives, contributing to the increase in quality scores. As part of the reorganization, MTM Training established branding criteria to create consistency, tieing every training back to our company mission and 5 workplace values. We use methods like gamification to keep the class engaged; this includes search and finds, Jeopardy, word searches, and crosswords to reinforce training concepts in a fun, engaging way. MTM trainers are given a budget of in class incentives to keep all learners, of all generations involved in the learning process. Trainers use these incentives as positive reinforcements to assist in the retention of contract-specific procedures, medical terminology, and quality assurance guidelines. Trainers use the third level of the Kirkpatrick Model with on-the-spot observations of learning retention while promoting teamwork or independent work completion.

After a learner completes the first 2 weeks of operations training, they transition to a two-week nesting period with a designated trainer. Daily feedback and learning measurements are communicated through end-of-day huddles, coaching, and side-by-side observations. This allows for real time reporting and customer service soft skill training, to increase quality scores. As a result of this model, MTM has maintained a 97% quality score rating, reduced 90-day attrition by 25%, increased employee engagement, and increased internal promotions to 30%.

Satisfaction surveys are completed at 30, 60, and 90 days of employment. Survey results show a 99% satisfaction rate with MTM training. The training team has made significant impacts on the growth and profitability of the company through our focus on customer service.