Optum Consumer Sales and Services - Contact Center of the Year

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Company: Optum Consumer Sales and Services, Horsham, PA
Company Description: Optum Consumer Sales and Service is the high value provider of contact center sales, service and retention in the healthcare industry. Our focus is to deliver an exceptional consumer experience, drive growth and loyalty for our clients’ brand and package that with the depth and breadth of products and services Optum has to offer.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Team Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Contact Center of the Year (Over 100 Seats) - Other Service Industries

Nomination Title: Optum Consumer Sales and Service (CSS)

Tell the story about what this nominated contact center achieved since the beginning of July 2015 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes: TEXT REDACTED FOR PUBLICATION

Optum provides exceptional consumer experiences by promoting loyalty-building interactions with members purchasing and utilizing health insurance products. With the healthcare market in the midst of transformative change, strong competitive and regulatory pressures are prompting companies to improve performance, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our contact center supports these strategic objectives by being deeply grounded in the strategy of our clients’ business and leveraging execution competencies in the areas of people, process, and technology.

We are truly differentiated by our people, who put service at the core of every interaction they handle. Our automated sourcing, selection, and hiring platform contains job applications with built-in targeted assessments powered by call center-specific, job-relevant selection science content. We combine this with a behavioral interview process to select the most experienced candidates with the right fit for our company, culture, and client. In addition, our formal career path for employees helps them to understand growth opportunities at the point of joining the company, thus promoting engagement and a shared commitment to development.

As part of agent onboarding, we employ a unique approach to developing and training agents as healthcare advisors. We offer a comprehensive training program that broadly grounds agents in the healthcare and insurance markets. We then take it further to help agents experience our mission and organizational culture by stepping into the shoes of the customers they serve. For example, our “Connecting with our Customers” curriculum teaches agents, through hands on exercises, about contextual dynamics their customers live every day, such as ageism, mobility, and hearing loss.

We overlay the foundation of the right people serving our customers with innovative processes and strategies to create differentiated experiences. For example, we recently developed a comprehensive Personalization strategy. This strategy employs data analytics to identify ways to make each interaction more relevant to the customer, and systematically presents this information to agents through an agent-designed CRM user interface. With the foundational launch of this strategy in mid-2015, we targeted personalization opportunities with the ability to influence key business objectives such as reducing repeat callers, improving conversion rates, and increasing self-service. With agents deeply engaged in defining the strategy, our “Make your service experience Stand Out” change management campaign was well positioned to drive a successful operational launch. Examples of results achieved include:

• A 170 basis point lift in Top Box satisfaction
• A 270 basis point lift in Top Box service experience relative to other insurance companies
• 150-250 BPS lift in conversion/enrollment rates for insurance and value added services
• Reductions in repeat calls (36%) and escalations (20%)

Innovation spanning processes, strategies, as well as technology is at the heart of the value we bring our clients. For example, we use leading edge technology to deploy big data capabilities, i.e. Interaction Analytics, which harness the power of conversation to uncover insights hidden within customer interactions. In 2015, we launched a pilot program where we took sample call recordings for respective clients and mined them using techniques like word spotting, speaker separation, and frequency and context analysis. We identified insights for clients spanning call flow and business process improvements and agent and consumer behaviors. We then translated these insights into actionable opportunities that improved the customer experience through examples like a 7% reduction in transfers and a 2% reduction in handle time (a $700K annual FTE savings). As a result of our successful pilot, NICE presented us with their prestigious Customer Excellence Award in April, 2016. Subsequently, we rolled out this offering more broadly and it is now available to all clients.

Our commitment to exceptional consumer experiences is built on execution competencies in the areas of people, process, and technology that set us apart from competitors. Client relationships differentiated by deep transparency and mutual trust focus on a shared responsibility for success which leverages collective thought leadership to innovate and shape long term business strategies.