Safelite AutoGlass - Award for Innovation in Customer Service

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Company: Safelite AutoGlass
Company Description: Safelite AutoGlass is the U.S.A.'s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services.
Nomination Category: Customer Service & Call Center Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Award for Innovation in Customer Service - Other Service Industries

Nomination Title: Safelite AutoGlass: One-Stop Service for Windshield Replacement & ADAS Camera Recalibration

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Windshield design has come a long way. Today, 5% of windshields replaced have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). You know… those noises and lights that go off when you veer out of your lane! By 2019, that percent will reach 90%. ADAS features are available in the most common cars, not just premium models. Today in the U.S., there are 800 ADAS windshield SKUs and growing.

ADAS was designed to improve car safety, basically stopping drivers from wrecking. They rely on cameras and other sensors often mounted to windshields. And that’s where Safelite AutoGlass, the nation’s largest provider of vehicle glass replacement, comes in… Most car manufacturers’ safety requirements state that recalibration is needed after windshield replacements.

Yet, many drivers are unaware of the need for cameras to be recalibrated. And if they do, they have to call their dealer after windshield replacement – for a second appointment.

Collaborating with Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier according to Automotive News, Safelite AutoGlass introduced recalibration tools in autumn 2016 with the goal of having them available in at least one location in each market by the end of the year. The tools have been extensively tested and will work with 90 percent of the vehicle makes by mid-2017.

It boils down to the safety of our customers. We don’t want them driving around thinking they can depend on their car to self-brake or keep them in their proper lane when the camera doesn’t work!

Informing drivers about recalibration requirements from manufacturers is important to us whether we can perform the service or not. Safelite alerts customers of their need to have their new windshield recalibrated at three or more points of the customer experience: when scheduling service by phone with a CSR, when scheduling service online, and again at the time of service by a technician. As a follow-up, the customer is either emailed or sent a letter.

The tools will cover a wide variety of different types of recalibration needed – no make or model is the same. Safelite AutoGlass technicians are being trained to perform all types of recalibration.

Safelite used a careful and controlled plan for rolling recalibration tools out over time to allow for manufacturing ramp-up and proper training time. Locations were prioritized by volume and need.

And, by offering this service, we are providing customers a convenient one-stop solution for windshield replacement and recalibration.

It’s a significant investment we’re making. As the leader in our industry, we believe it’s our duty to be on the forefront of solutions for addressing this new need in our market. Our customers and our insurance and fleet clients can continue to expect us to lead the way in this continuously evolving technology.

Early Net Promoter Score data also indicates the customers are very happy with this one-stop solution. No other glass shop can offer customers this level of convenience.