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Yapi Kredi Bank's Website

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Yapi Kredi Bank, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Yapi Kredi, the 4th largest private bank in Turkey, has been dedicated to deliver since its establishment in 1944. As one of the 10 most valuable brands in Turkey, Yapi Kredi has strong inherent culture of customer-centric core banking focus and value generation and has consistently been recognised as the Best Bank in Turkey by various prestigious institutions.
Nomination Category: Website Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Financial Services

Nomination Title: Yapi Kredi Bank's Official Website

When was this site or blog first published? Yapi Kredi Banks’s website has published in 1999 (formerly named as Our website’s interface has been completely renovated on September 2013.

Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words): is the official website of Yapi Kredi. We designed our website in line with our customer-oriented banking philosophy and differentiate ourselves with a search-based, user friendly interface. On our website, we aimed basic view, high usability, high lead&sale capability and direct reach to searched product pages. It uses Google Search Appliance (GSA) technology as the search basis. Featuring no complicated tabs and menus, aims to ensure that the customers may immediately reach the service they sought and receive services more rapidly. Also; thanks to behavioral targeting technology, we know users who visit our website and show them relevant offers.

Yapi Kredi became the first and only bank to utilize GSA technology and was subsequently selected as a case study by Google. Furthermore, we launched “Payment Center” which is the first in Turkey which provides such a wide range of bill payment option. There is no need for enrollment or password to pay bills. Even other bank customers can make payments. Users can also apply several banking products on in a very fast and convenient way.

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

- No complicated tabs and menus on website

Featuring no complicated tabs and menus, aims to ensure that the customers may immediately reach the service they sought and receive services more rapidly. Since there is a smart engine on the core of our website, our customers have fast and easy access to the right products and services every time they search for something.

- Smart search engine based on Google Search Appliance technology

Thanks to GSA technology, our customers have fast and easy access to the right products and services every time they enter our website. If the client stays on the page for 20 seconds without doing anything, search box pops out and help the customer to find what s/he is looking for. Also, ATMs and branches can be itemized instantly and customers can display maps on search area. When customers search a currency name or code, they can easily display current exchange rate information. Also, it calculates buying and selling price instantly when customers search a currency with the amount. By searching stock name; customers can view stock’s last price, change in price at a glance. Moreover, we use Google’s One Box structure for specific topics to navigate the customers even better. In this way, we can also make direct sale on web site or lead customers to digital channels. Furthermore; in case of customers cannot find what they’re looking for among organic search results, we provide KeyMatch results on search area to suggest them more relevant information. This also enables us to lead customers better for problem solving issues.

- Behavioral Targeting Tool

Another differentiator for our website is “BehaviorPad” which is a behavioral targeting tool designed for proposing the most relevant offers to customers on Thanks to Behavioral Targeting Technology, we understand the users who visit our website and improve their website experience. BehaviorPad tool collects cookies in terms of pages visited, specific buttons clicked, calculators and application forms opened and keywords searched both on Yap? Kredi search area and external search engines. Once we collect cookies and segment customers according to their profiles, we can display banners on home page, search area or sub-pagesç Moreover, we can pop offers on the bottom right corner of pages when customer waits on a page for a specific amount of time. This enables us to suggest the right product/services to customers at the right time; especially for indecisive ones.

- A Center to accompany customers on their journey at our website

Thanks to Web Payment Center, customers can pay their bills just by entering the necessary information on . There is no need to enroll. Even other bank customers can make payments. “Payment Center” is the first in Turkey which provides such a wide range of bill payment option. It also includes motor vehicle tax payment as well as bill payment for almost 300 kinds of bills. Since we mostly targeted people whose digital banking usage low or customers do not want to lose time with login process, we keep web forms really simple. Users can pay their bills or motor vehicle taxes just by entering the a few input areas on

On “Application Center”, users can apply for several products like credit card, general purpose loan (GPL), SME loan, mortgage, private pension. Also, we provide Time Deposit Maturity Tracking form which enables users to enter maturity information for their time deposit (specifically for deposits at other banks). In this way, users get reminder on maturity date and are offered advantageous interest rates.

With Application Center, users get all the information about Yapi Kredi’s mobile applications at single point. It provides platform based detailed information with screenshots and application permissions.

Also, to make our customers’ lives easier, we located “Password Center” on website so that customers can reach information about how they create password for our all products and services in one shot. With “Record Tracking System”, customers can follow their complaints/feedbacks/suggestions wrote us via “Contact Us” form.

- Assistance for financial services for both customers and non-customers

All visitors can benefit from the rich function calculators and follow up financial data up-to-date by Investor’s Corner, quick solutions like daily/weekly/monthly “Value of 1000 TL” info, and can reach to customer representatives by using “Contact Us”. also provides direct support to customers via online chat. Users can apply for personal loan, mortgage and private pension; make motor vehicles tax payment on without need of internet banking membership. Furthermore, we offer users instant credit calculation and facility to add relevant stock to their portfolio on search box results without browsing other pages.

Last but not the least, users can display Yapi Kredi branched and ATMs on the map with categorization like Commercial Banking or Private Banking branch, ATMs for visually impaired or orthopedically disabled customers, foreign exchange ATMs etc. When users give permission for their location, they can easily locate the nearest branches/ATMs and get directions.

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