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Yapi Kredi Bank - Experimental & Innovation App

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Yapi Kredi Bank, Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Yapi Kredi, the 4th largest private bank in Turkey, has been dedicated to deliver since its establishment in 1944. As one of the 10 most valuable brands in Turkey, Yapi Kredi has strong inherent culture of customer-centric core banking focus and value generation and has consistently been recognised as the Best Bank in Turkey by various prestigious institutions .
Nomination Category: Mobile Site & App Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Experimental & Innovation

Nomination Title: Yapi Kredi Mobile - Touch One Screen Experience

Date this app or site was first published: Yapi Kredi Mobile Banking app was first released in 2011.

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As the pioneer of the sector in Turkey, Yapi Kredi has always a strong position in customer experience, innovation and technology. To remain innovative and ultimately enhance customer experience, our main strategy is to make “mobile” the remote control of the bank. In line with this strategy, we renewed our mobile app creating "Touch One Screen Experience". We made customer's eyes the key of remote control for unlocking all banking transactions at a glance and enabled customers to perform transactions just by touching mobile app. We developed Eyeprint-ID which is the first eye recognition technology in Europe.

Furthermore, as a part of this strategy, we endeavored to make all touchpoints intercommunicate with each other under the same roof. Therefore, we launched features like cash withdrawal via QR code without even touching ATM, direct call forwarding that eliminate the need for ID verification, getting prioritized appointment from branch via mobile, easy-to-use card management. Our latest innovation, Yapi Kredi Banking Keyboard, is the first smart keyboard for money transfer in Turkey, and one of the firsts in the world. Our customers send money via any messaging app thanks to smart Banking Keyboard and via Siri & iMessage.

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As Yapi Kredi; we put extra effort in creating value for our customers, providing them seamless experience, and differentiating ourselves from competition. In line with this very purpose, we renewed Yapi Kredi Mobile positioning mobile as the remote control of the bank. We aspired to create an ecosystem in which all channels intercommunicate under the same roof and make customers eyes the key to unlock this ecosystem. This is how "Touch One Screen" concept is born.

In this concept, we positioned mobile as the remote control of the bank and made customers's eyes the key of remote control for unlocking all banking transactions at a glance. That's why, we started with developing Eyeprint-ID which is the first eye recognition technology in Europe. We endeavored to make feature highly convenient and integrated this feature to mass, not for just specific group of people. Furthermore, we made additional developments to make biometric verification safer. With our security system based on the unique blood vessel pattern of each customer and system check that vessels are living, there is no chance that customer information can be copied or stolen. For Eyeprint-ID, we designed the process to verify the biometric encrypted code on premise which is more secure than other biometric processes like Touch-ID. Also, we are invited to the Finovate Europe 2017 to present this technology as a model practice. It was a great honor to present our feature all over world. After that, our competitors in Turkey started to work on this feature proving that we changed sector standards.

As well as launching new features for the first time in the sector, we have also worked for enhancing existing features' experience ensuring that our customers get seamless service at every step of their journey with us. For instance, for money withdrawal via QR Code feature, we redesigned the whole process. Here, we implemented NFC-like seamless solution by not creating any hardware dependency or cost. To withdraw money, customers need nothing but Yapi Kredi Mobile and just choose account and enter amount of the money. Other banks' similar features asks extra information like OTP, identification number or approval password. Our customers, on the other hand, can withdraw money in 10 seconds without having to touch a single button on ATM. This feature not only indicates Yapi Kredi’s superior customer experience approach but also ensures high security since it prevents frades sourced by card copying and password stealing.

In addition, outgoing calls to the call center via mobile banking will eliminate the need for ID verification, thereby increasing service speed. Moreover, the Yapi Kredi Mobile features Google Search integration, which was started to use in and subsequently selected as Google Case Study. Thus, our customers now have the benefit of quick access to transactions, relevant institutions for their invoice payments, and their Smart Guide* records for a direct and rapid transaction. Customers can also get branch appointment and display crowdedness of branches. We recently launched “Don’t Panic Button” which helps customers to manage their cards anytime, anywhere via Yapi Kredi Mobile. With this feature; users can lock their card(s) temporarily for 24 hours (they can lock each card individually or all cards at once) and may state their card as lost/stolen within the app. Even though the cards are locked, users will still be able to withdraw money via QR Code, make payments with QR code and pay credit card debts. Unlike similar features in competition, we created an easy to use feature with seamless experience that embedded in customers' lives. Inspired by the behavior of people in panic situation, it has been designed like an emergency button.

Furthermore, it is important to unify the UX & UI and even authentication processes. For instance with "One Pin", we enable our customers can use their internet/mobile banking password on Telephone Banking as well. Also, in line with our ambition to provide hyper-personalized products&services, we integrate one-to-one pricing infrastructure to our digital channels. Also; leveraging advance data analytics, we propose the most relevant offers for our customers.

Our latest innovation for spreading our digital identity through all touchpoint is Yapi Kredi Banking Keyboard. It is the first smart keyboard for money transfer in Turkey, and one of the firsts in the world. Our customers can send money via any messaging app on Android as well as iMessage and Siri. Customers just select mobile phone number and the amount without interrupting conversations while messaging. Receiver does not even need to have a bank account, s/he can withdraw money from Yapi Kredi ATM with the code get via SMS. To transfer money by talking, users just need to say “send money” or “transfer money” to Siri.

We continue to work on new innovative features to enrich Touch One Screen concept enabling customers to get all banking services effortlessly on single point.


New app received over 1 mio downloads a week right after the launch. We managed to get full marks from many users, achieving an unprecedented success in finance applications. Almost ten thousand users gave the app 5 stars, leading us to be top ranked app. Our customers has been adapted our new concept and started using innovative features immediately.

-Use of Eyeprint-ID feature is exceeded 3.5 million
-Monthly over 300K money withdrawals made via QR Code on average
-250K direct call has been performed via app

* With Smart Guide feature customers can record transaction information for just once and perform transaction quickly on next times.