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Unico Sigorta A.S. Company Web Site

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Unico Sigorta A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Company Description: Aviva Sigorta (established in 1988) is continuing its businesses as Unico Sigorta since September 2015. The partners of the company are EMF, the Netherlands Development Bank and German Development Bank. One of the first 20 company of Turkey, Unico, operates in non-life sector and it’s aim to build a perfect customer satisfaction and new business opportunities in insurance vertical.
Nomination Category: Website Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Insurance

Nomination Title: Unico Sigorta Company Web Site

When was this site or blog first published? Unico Sigorta website was published on September 2015.

Briefly describe this entry’s communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

At the beginning website had an informative stracture explaining Unico’s conversion process, products, services. A year later, e-commerce functions were added on an omni channel substructure. These functions provided the ability to complete any offer/policy process started from any distribution channel. With these updates, we started to sell 8 products online and lead generation of 4 products through our website. We also added an online branch, where customers can view their policies/offers, examine claims or damage statistics, payment dates, communicate agencies, run bids, take action on product features in UniKasko. There has been a critical decrease in services that recieved from customer services over call center with this function. Website also provides service to our business partners on the b2b line. Our digital agency platform “UniKolay” allows them to create web based policies, track instant performance with detailed reporting interfaces, to examine damage files online. Unico, reached 25 mio TL in past 2 years, with the function of turning generating leads to sales and telemarketing channel which we launched at the same time. We call this structre “Direct sales”. It is expected that, direct sales will be the most productive 2nd channel in the company in 2019.

List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry:

Unico Sigorta website’s component structure was built in line with corporate branding of the firm. Each component has a specific color and this component colors are located all over the site in the same way.
The site contains more than 100.000 words. All of this content was produced and released by the marketing team. page entered a facelift phase and redesigned with processes stated below;

-HeatMap and recording works were done on the current page and user behaviors were observed.
-A new landing page designed with current design trends.
-The new landing page and previous one were a/b tested for a while and the effect of the page on users was observed.
-Since the conversion rate and also the time spent on the website was higher after the test, the new landing page was released.
-We worked hard to offer a user-friendly funnel experience for 8 products on the website. We had a serious engineering process about giving an offer with the least possible question and not asking unnecessary questions. We regularly observe user behaviors with funnel recordings and optimizing website.