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Ulled Asociados - Corporate Image Event

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Ulled Asociados C.R.P. S.A., Barcelona, Spain
Company Description: Ulled is a communication consultant with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon, with more than 50 years of experience in managing the perception of companies to put them at the service of the business and advising them of the best strategies to generate trust and credibility.
Nomination Category: Live Event Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Best Corporate Image Event


The date on which this nominated production was first presented: The Roca Centenary Gala Dinner for main dealers and other selected stakeholders was celebrated on 23rd November 2017 at Museu d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona. It was the closing event of the celebrations of Roca Centenary.

From 19th to 24rd November international guests attending the Gala Dinner also enjoyed a cultural and gastronomical Spanish Tour with exclusive visits and activities in Madrid and Barcelona. Different programmes according to countries of origin were organized.

Describe the nominated event's communications objectives and how it met those objectives, including the event's genesis, development, performance, and results to date (up to 525 words):

Roca is a global brand in the bathroom business. The company is present in more than 170 markets supplied by its 78 production plants and 22,000 employees.

In 2017 Roca celebrated its 100th Anniversary with many commemorative events. A Gala Dinner for clients and other stakeholders was organized as closing celebration.

Communication objective

Guests should be immersed in Roca’s world to experience its historic evolution, leadership, business projection and future challenges, in a sensorial way.

One central event in Barcelona

Instead of five events in continents, it was decided to celebrate one only event in Barcelona, the city of Roca’s origins and its global headquarters location. Barcelona’s image as an innovative, design-oriented, architectural and artistic city was to be associated to Roca’s values.

An incomparable and unexpected venue

The National Art Museum of Catalonia accomplished both capacity and security requirements as well as associating Roca to art and architecture.

A surprising and memorable event

A unique show to transmit Roca’s essence. La Fura dels Baus -92 Olympics opening ceremony- was selected for its personality and power on stage.

A representative gift object symbolizing bathroom

After working on two artwork prototypes, a design object was thought more versatile for reproduction and most representative of Roca’s design value. Designer Javier Mariscal - 92 Olympics mascot- was chosen to create a singular “Neo-Duck” gift that reminds of water and bathroom

THE EVENT: November 23rd, 2017

A spectacular rolling giant "The man of the millennium" received guests at their arrival at MNAC. After an appetizer at hall, guests went to Oval Room where TV presenter Martina Klein welcomed them and introduced institutional speech by Roca’s president. Three videos were projected:

Centenary Corporative Video">

“Unstoppable” a journey through Roca’s History">

Explanation of the creation of “Neo-Duck” gift by designer Javier Mariscal?">

Chef Fina Puigdevall -2 Michelin stars- was responsible for dinner. After it, ninety-five actors entered on scene for a journey through Roca’s history: beginnings, first changes, evolution, growth, expansion, internationalization and vison of the future. Spectacular scenes combining visual projections, company ads and designs, music and actor’s interaction with historic elements -giant radiators, real bathtubs- were performed throughout the room. There was a breath-taking final scene with 40 actors suspended from ceiling recreating a vertical net symbolizing the united team of Roca stakeholders. A performance by singer Rosario and live music by DJ Fede Sardà closed the event.

Memories of an unforgettable event here:">


  • 1,000 by-hand-personalized printed invitations for Gala Dinner
  • More than 600 business class air-tickets issued
  • 1 Roca100 App as a guide for guest’s activities
  • 4 five star-hotels accommodated all guests
  • 300 numerated lithography by Mariscal as welcome gift.
  • 550 attendants from 35 countries at event
  • 6 buses and 10 limousines for guests’ transportation
  • 95 actors, 5 musicians, 1 DJ
  • 600 menus served by 90 waiters
  • 100 staff for organization, logistics and setting-up
  • 200 menus for staff and actors
  • 3 specially created videos
  • 60 tables with 600 chairs
  • 550 by-hand-personalized menus and 60 lighted-centrepieces
  • 600 Neo-ducks design gift handed
  • 300 cultural and gastronomical activities in Madrid-Barcelona before the event
  • Many congratulatory notes received from all markets


List the appropriate creative and production credits for this entry: Advertising Agency/City: Client: Art Director: Cinematographer: Creative Director: Designer: Director: Illustrator/City: Music Producer/City: Photographer/City: Printer/City: Producer: Production Company/City: Programmer: Writer: Web Development Firm/City:

Project Management Agency of Roca Centenary Office: Ulled Asociados, Barcelona
Roberto Abad, Strategy and Direction
Cristina Ruíz, General Coordination
Pedro Torres, Audio-visual Production
Sonsoles Llorens, Art Director
Quim Larrea, Coordination of gift production and Show
Miguel Angel Sánchez, Production director and copy
Mercè Balañá, Coordination of Dealers Program
Claudia Amor, Dealers Program
Roberto Torregrosa, Event Coordination
Maria Prados, Event Security Director
Jordi Picazos, Event technical Coordination
Verónica Rodríguez, Coordination of Spanish Tour
Ricard Castellet, Controller
Vicenç Palleja, Administration

Client: Roca, Barcelona
Xavier Torras, Brand Communications Director
Xavier Aguilera, Corporate HHRR Director
Pablo Bustio, Event coordinator

Show artistic direction and performance: La Fura dels Baus, Barcelona

Lighting, sound, theatre staging and logistics: Focus, Barcelona

Advertising Agency for video production: Tiempo BBDO, Barcelona

Destination Management Company: Factor3 Events, Barcelona

Travel Agency: El Corte Inglés, Barcelona

APP Development: Intelligenia, Granada

Catering: Fina Puigdevall, Girona and Vilaplana Catering, Barcelona

Artists’ Agency: The Project, Barcelona and Uno Models, Barcelona