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Turk Telekom - An Employee Story in Beytussebap Film

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 International Business Awards

Company: Turk Telekom
Company Description: “Turkey’s Multiplay Provider” Türk Telekom has 13.7 million fixed access lines, 9.7 million broadband and 19.6 million mobile subscribers as of December 31, 2017. Türk Telekom Group Companies provide services in all 81 cities of Turkey with 34,502 employees with the vision of introducing new technologies to Turkey and accelerating Turkey’s transformation into an information society.
Nomination Category: Video Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Internal/Employee Communications

Nomination Title: Turk Telekom, An Employee Story in Beytussebap

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed: 30 October 2017

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

Turk Telekom everyday connects millions of subscribers. Behind this giant operation there is a great effort of our 30 thousand employees. Everyday we see many nice examples of how we care our customers. Our objective was to make them aware how great work they do. For this, we chose one real story, make the film of it and show it to employees with a message: "We are all heroes in this big family"

Employees sent many experiences about their contribution to our customers. Inhouse jury decided 'Beytusebap story'. Our teams in this impoverished town (50km away to Iraq border) made their best to connect a concerned mother with her son who is there for his military service. The film took 2 weeks to shot.


Turk Telekom CEO Paul Doany posted the film in his social media accounts. Than we broadcast the film in all 250 branches and shops all around the country.

-Employees loved the story, shared on their accounts and it got 2.5 million organic reach.
-It even draw attention of national media. 8 newspapers online covered the story.
-Our team in that town became 'almost' famous.

Provide the applicable creative and production credits for this nomination:

Turk Telekom Executive Team: Hamdi Ates, Celal Tellioglu, Esad Sivri, Ali Kiliçlioglu
Advertising Agency: Pat Medya
Scenario: Mehmet Parmaksiz, Ali Hakan Kaya
Project Manager: M. Savas Pat
Art Director: Cüneyt Cerit
Director: Mehmet Parmaksiz
Assistant Director: Beril Atesoglu
Music: Burak Aykaç
Production Company: Pat Medya
All team is based on Istanbul