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Thai Life Insurance - Motivational Video

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Thai Life Insurance Plc., Bangkok, Thailand
Company Description: Thai Life Insurance Plc is proud to be a leader in providing unique products and services. It’s the first Thai-owned life insurance to support Thai people by offering products to meet the client needs. These are confirmed our mission to be “More Than Just Life Insurance”.
Nomination Category: Video Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Motivational

Nomination Title: Opportunity

Date this production was first released/publicly viewed:


Thai Life Insurance Plc launched its “Opportunity” campaign first released on 14 December, 2016 for the occasion of 75th year of operations in Thailand. “Opportunity” is a viral video that reflects the next stage of our brand evolution with a core message that is still the value of life and the value of love, but aims to inspire society with a philosophical outlook that helps them to acknowledge their problems and then letting it go whilst today’s society is undergoing massive change where life is a far more stressful and pressurized.


The campaign was developed from the human insight that when problems occur, people can feel that they are worthless and don’t see a way to start over, descend into depression and despair and even escape through suicide. When faced with life problems, this critical period is a time when we can gain a deeper understanding of life. It offers us an opportunity to create a new, better life for ourselves and use our suffering as a driving force, “Life is full of opportunities and opportunities arise from our own actions.” It is a chance to create value for ourselves and for others.

A 5-minute video tells the story of a woman who has suffered untold disappointments in life. Perhaps she could change her circumstance from a life of failure to a life of success through her belief that, “Opportunities arise from within ourselves.” The VDO drop off the question by the man asked the audience "Do you think the opportunity come from?"

The presentation is in the unique style of the brand’s previous commercials, where an important question is raised to give pause to the audience and emotional heartstrings are pulled. The symbols and imagery inserted into the story and the open narrative leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This provides a unique experience upon repeat viewings and offers a different takeaway for the audience each time.


-20 million views within 7 days since Opportunity’s first released on 14 December 2016, the highest in record of Thai Life’s benchmark
-5.5 million views within the first 12 hours, breaking the record of Thai commercials
-30 million reach and views worldwide
-1 million total engagement
-Top 3 most viewed video on YouTube
-67% of YouTube viewers are Thai and the rest are from 175 countries worldwide
-Leading local and International media, influencers and celebrities spread our campaign
-5,000 users’ customized contents which create a new social trend with a hashtag #IfICouldIWouldSaveTheOpportunity
-Earned media value of 48 US dollar
-Comments on social media admitting the campaign has changed their attitude towards life and motivated them

Briefly describe this entry's communications objectives and how it met those objectives (up to 200 words):

Campaign Objectives:

To inspire and adjust the attitude of the audience in order to elevate the values in Thai society
To motivate and save the lives in despair
To create the positive emotional connections for the brand with a slogan, “Life, beside you.”


Starting with an online teaser to promote the premiere of the video only available on Thai Life facebook fanpage, YouTube and LINE. The online broadcast was 5 days prior to the on air on top-rating television channels on well-selected programmes such as news, TV series, variety shows and game shows to reach the majority of Thais. Social ads on Facebook and Youtube with selective target and PR pitching with both local and international media were used to increase the reach and create greater impact.

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Ogilvy & Mather Advertising