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Seegene Medical Foundation - CSR

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Company: Seegene Medical Foundation
Entry Submitted By:KCU
Company Description: Seegene Medical Foundation is Korea’s representative institution that conducts clinical tests in various fields such as patient’s disease examination, life-environment research, and clinical trials for medicines and medical devices.
Nomination Category: Company / Organization Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year - in Asia (China, Japan and Korea)

Nomination Title:Maternity Protection and Work-Family Compatibility for Female Workers

Tell the story about this nominated CSR program as it has been carried out since 1 January 2017 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms.

Seegene Medical Foundation is Korea’s representative institution that conducts clinical tests in various fields such as patient’s disease examination, life-environment research, and clinical trials for medicines and medical devices. Seegene has established the mission of “contributing to human health and happiness through accurate diagnostic testing and innovative research and development”, and in order to achieve this, social contribution was set as one of the core values. Many companies have a mission to contribute to humanity and society, but only a few actually put into action.

However, Seegene is actively participating in medical support and volunteer activities for vulnerable areas in and out of the country. The reason we could achieve the result of actively engaging in social responsibilities was that the employees were given a lot of opportunities to participate in voluntary service. Through those experiences, we were aware of our accountability as an organization to deal with human life.

First of all, we have been carrying out the 'Tuberculosis Control Project in Ulanbator, Mongolia' with the Korea Tuberculosis Association. In Mongolia, with a high prevalence rate of tuberculosis, we have been actively searching for patients using advanced moving examination vehicles and provided accurate and prompt diagnosis by the Foundation's molecular diagnostic test technology. The project includes equipments to support continuous tuberculosis eradication, as well as programs to transfer mdeical technology to local medical personnel. We received a plaque of appreciation from the NCCD and the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and decided to extend the term until 2019 after the Mongolian government’s request.

Next, in order to provide healthcare services for the health promotion of residents in Vietnam, Seegene remodeled the old public health center in Nong Tran area, Fhu Tho province. The new center was named "Nong Trang Seegene Health Center," to commemorate the Foundation's contribution. It has a two-story building with 10 rooms and modern equipments such as ultrasound imaging equipment provided by Seegene. In addition, several Korean medical institutions periodically carry out overseas medical services in the center. In accordance, the residents living in distant areas are coming to use this center for examination and birth. We are currently planning to build a second public health center in more underdeveloped area.

Also, we provided medical reagents and equipment and conducted voluntary medical service activities in many areas in Vietnam, including Hoa Binh, Binh Dinh and Da Nang. In addition, during 2017 we volunteered in other seven regions including Cambodia, the Philippines, and India. In Korea, we have been running 18 volunteer programs for alienated groups such as foreign workers.

Seegene's social contributions are not simply about numbers. Our uniqueness is all employees having one thought together. In order for one person to carry out one week to one month overseas contribution, another member of the team should take over the role of the person in the meantime. Therefore, it is important that all the members of the team share the affirmative attitude about the service. Seegene has reminded employees of the importance of our social responsibility through lectures and co-worker’s volunteer presentations, and developed various incentives to benefit the volunteers and other the team members of the volunteers as well.

Finally, for continuous health improvement, Seegene invites foreign medical personnel to Korea for training on diagnostic tests. In 2017, we invited university professors, researchers, doctors and medical personnels from Vietnam, to provide four to six weeks of educational programs without any costs. These programs are operated by personnel who are inevitably unable to participate in volunteer activities, so that they can indirectly feel the meaning of social contribution.

Conclusively, through medical volunteer experiences, many Seegene employees became aware of the correlation between accurate diagnosis and community happiness. Based on this awareness, we believe that what's beneficial for the community is always in the best interest of our business.

In bullet-list form, briefly summarize up to ten (10) chief achievements since 1 January 2017 of the nominated CSR program (up to 150 words).

-Identify social contributions to mission and core values of the organization
-Performed a TB eradication project in Ulan Bator region in Mongolia through moving vehicle medical check-ups
-Establishment of public health center in PuTong province, Vietnam
-Proceed medical volunteer work, equipment support, medical reagents in 7 Asian countries
-Carry out medical service activities for domestic vulnerable social classes
-Training invitation for medical staff in Vietnam
-Enforcing incentives for medical volunteering teams as well as medical participants
-Promoting awareness as a medical care provider through external lectures and testimony presentation